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is it just me or does harry potter get worse every year

After watching the whole series of harrypotter oi realised that series actually isn't really that good. instead of seeing around the school we get taken to some other random places and further more the story isn't all that interesting either as draw near the end. You see harry potter fighting voldemort and all we see is their struggle which isn't all that interesting compared to the first few episodes which were more entertaining as there was more adventure and comedy. It also becomes darker and less happy in the latest movies. That is sort of a major let down. If you guys think im wrong tell me what you think. Wink Very Happy
The books are better Very Happy after reading the books watch the movies was not the same thing
I do not agree with you. It is very hard to make a movie comparing to the book. I think that the creators have done the best they could and the special effects arent also that bad.
Although I do not like the Harry Potter franchise in any way, be it book or movie, I believe you when you say the movies are getting worser. Why? Because today's movie industry is all about getting teens and children hooked up with special effects, teen actors staring at eachother, music that sounds epic, cheap stuff like that. I mean, movies are so horrible today it decreases my sanity by a whole lot when I try watching something.
The problem I had with the last Harry Potter movie is that it was all basically set up for the last movie(s) but that is mainly because all the sixth book did was set up for the seventh. Also, the big surprises in the movie weren't terribly surprising because I've read the book.
The movies seem to follow the books reasonably well considering the time restrictions. Watching a movie about the same thing over and over again wouldn't be fun so that's why the movies (and the books) take the action to different locations every once in a while.
I don't know why many people I know find the 5th movie really good, but I don't. XD 6th was okay. the only thing that really really disappointed me was Dumbledore's death scene. I hope they do a lot better job with book 7.
I've been thinking Harry Potter, both books and movies have been getting worse for every iteration since the first book.
Maybe it's because the first few films were great so your expectations of the ones following are high. I've read a few of their books. The books are better but I still like all the films.
Maybe there has been too many movies so much so that it has become "cheap" and have been running out of juice. Too much of a good thing is never good in the long run.
I lost interest in Harry Potter long ago. It's a decent story and all, just not my cup of tea.
i'm not a fan of Harry Potter but I actually love how Dark the movie is getting, much more interesting and atmospheric for my taste =) I saw the last one at the movies but really not sure if i'll watch the others unless my gf drags me there again.
The latest movie

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince seemed to me to lack emotion. The acting seemed to be very bland and the dialogues vomited by rote.

I didn't feel that in the first few movies. I don't know if I just started realizing it after being a hardcore fan pulled the wool over my eyes in the beginning.

Something's quite missing in the new movies . something that was there in the first movies. ...
I find Harry Potter boring now, i mean i think the books are better than the movie. It just doesn't seem to be as good as when the first movie came out. Maybe its because of the different directors for each film. I mean the first two films that was directed by Chris Columbus was good but when it got to the third film, directed by Alfonso Cuar๓n, it started to lack a few qualities.
Well as the end of the books and moves come around it's not new anymore, therefor it tends to feel like old news.. it almost fairly new but old feeling since it was such as blast for like 2 years straight. Now it going to die off and be put in the history for TV movies or whatever i bet....WHO knows Laughing I found it interesting for like at least 5 months then got board
I liked the actor who played Dumbledore in the first movie. But then he died and so he was replaced.


May he rest in peace.

The new Dumbledore does not look like what I imageined him to be.

Dumbledore would not be as thin and frail looking as the new Dumbledore actor looks like , rite ?
Havn't read any Harry Potter Books Surprised Since I'm not much of a book fan.

But Followed every Movie since the First.... And Yes, The movies are getting worse :9

The Climax , in a negative sense is the last one. Total waste of time X( Hope the next one can make it up and give some condolence for All the Harry potter fans all around the world Smile
I read all of the of the books, they were great. And I love the first 2 movies, then they started going down hill from there. I was really disappointed in the 5th movie and haven't even seen the 6th yet.
I think the Harry Potter books are way better. Anytime you read a book, you've potentially spoiled the future movies it will come out with, in my opinion. Any vice versa.
Insanity wrote:
I think the Harry Potter books are way better. Anytime you read a book, you've potentially spoiled the future movies it will come out with, in my opinion. Any vice versa.

Hmm, So true...

I never thought of that ...
Since the Harry Potter movies are totally based on the books, I wonder how the people who have already read the book can keep thier interest in the film Surprised
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