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I have to write a short essay about Christmas

I'm a student and now I have to write a short essay (din A4) whatever I like about Christmas but the problem is: I don't have any idea!! That question is a bit difficult for me I´m not Charles Dikens!
I would like to read some samples to help me.

You don't like Christmas?

Or do you? Why?

Pretend an evil villian is going to destroy Christmas. (I swear someone tries to every year.) Why would you stop him?

Now you have a giant army of supporters of Christmas, and you need to write a speech to motivate them all for your final battle against this villian. And write for that.

Start with an empty piece of paper and only two rules. Your pen must never stop. And everything you write must be words. And keep writing until you fill up as many pages as you need. This is for you, and not for anyone else. So don't worry about anything but getting as many ideas as you can.

Then, just take those words and connect them into ideas, and arrange those ideas logically into sentences. And you have an essay.

Your army will prevail against the villian and save Christmas for all!
Tell a story about a journey that has the intentions to set out to debunk Christmas. Review several Christmas issues and why they are unhealthy or bad. Then have some kind of a life changing event like a death in the family or your own nearly fatal accident/disease that changes your outlook and you discover that Christmas is not any one thing or tradition but a an invisible golden thread that ties the entire Christmas theme together. The epiphany changes your world and allows you to over come your adversity.
Thanks for your advices and your kindness.
I will try it

Best regards
You could do a story on the perspective of the mouse from the classic poem. You could explain he wasn't stirring because he had been poisoned by the homeowners. You could then devolve the story into an examination of the commercialism of Christmas, and the various pressures the parties have to fulfilled their roles: the children pressured to be good or the oppressive big brother that is santa will not reward them, and the parents desire to be "good" parents by purchasing the latest overpriced trend. Or not.
What do you think about this real story?
How about? How can I improve that?

The Magic phone

On a cold winter night there was a young worker from an ice cream factory who wanted finished her last task. It was almost 19 pm when there was anyone there. It was then when she went in the freezer, slipped and fell down on the floor. She was unconscious for at least ten minutes. When she woke up, she couldn’t open the locked door, she started crying for help, but nobody could hear her because all of the workers had finished their working day.
Later she had the idea of calling the emergency operator using her mobile phone.
The rescue service was really shocked to see the scene because they didn’t understand how she got locked inside.
When her family arrived at the place, she was very happy.
Later her parents said: If she hadn’t got a mobile phone, she was probably dead.
The boss of the emergency service said: “This is not the first time that a mobile phone saves lives and neither the last”.

This story happened the day before Christmas and shows the great importance of mobile phones in our society since they can save human lives.
When is it due? It needs some work. There are several grammatical errors that are easy to fix. The basic structure and premise needs tweaked. It's 2009 there's nothing magic about a cell phone. What's the connection to Christmas? Walk in freezers have latches that open from the inside, why couldn't she get out?

Try to be more visually descriptive. You can do this by avoiding the use of CRUTCH words such as:
- am
- are
- be
- been
- had
- has
- have
- is
- was
- were
- and adverbs ending in ly
You don't know what you like about Christmas?

How about any of this?

- its almost the end of the year so you can look in retrospect and see what you have accomplished this year. This can be depressing or not depending on how productive you were. But the good thing is that the begining of a new year is about to start, so you can plan what you would like to accomplish during the next year.

- Seeing family and friends that you don't often see.

- getting presents

- giving presents

- driving aroung neighbourhoods to see christmas lights. And if you live somewhere were there is snow its even better!

- All the good food and cookies and pies

- and whatever else you can think of.
Hope it is working out for you and the essay is completed.
If not, you could try just thinking what this time of year does to you. Are there changes? Some I am sure you will not like but others you will. Write about them.

Your story has a good theme but if you need to make it about Christmas, may need to include Christmas in it a little more? The time period could be after the person got a cell phone for a gift or it could be something like a person calling to wish a merry Christmas and because of that call someone was saved or at least it made a difference in what happened. Perhaps someone that was unhappy or angry changed thier outlook and because of someone with good thoughts, the situation changed for the better?

hope this helped
Christmas is a special day to all people because family's are getting together during that day. I think you already celebrate Christmas so you can think of a good and happy memories of your life during Christmas. You can write that on your essay.
That's crazy. What if a student happens to not be a Christian nor Jewish nor any major religion that celebrates anything during that time? What are they supposed to write about?

"Reformed" schools claim with their system to give students more flexibility in their essays with these seemingly "open ended" response choices, but it puts limits on specific students in ways that more analytical essays do not...
Christmas is a special day to all people because family's are getting together during that day. I think you already celebrate Christmas so you can think of a good and happy memories of your life during Christmas. You can write that on your essay.
I got one about christmas the war (world war 1)

The German and British soldiers stopped and played a game of football on xmas day, then went back to shooting each other after the game.

That is bizarre mmind state to deal with, great story of human togetherness the soccer match though
Write about the history of Christmas? Or how santa claus became a pop icon.
hope to read your essay.
What about an essay on the history of Christmas?
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