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Everyone's least favorite Jim Cameron film is getting a 4-Disc Deluxe Collector's Edition...

"From retail sources in Europe, we bring you a sneak peek at the cover artwork for both the 2-disc and 4-disc versions of Paramount's Titanic: Special Collector's Edition, tentatively due on 10/18."

"Paramount Home Entertainment has released early details on two editions of the Oscar-winning Titanic which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The film will be available in seperate two-disc and four-disc collector's editions. The two-disc special edition will include a branching feature, enabling fans to view a wide selection of never-before-seen footage. The four-disc collector's edition will be the ultimate for film and DVD enthusiasts - containing numerous deleted scenes, new in-depth documentaries that explore the odyssey of the making of the film and much more. The film itself will be presented in a brand new high definition transfer along with 6.1 Dolby Digital Audio offering the highest level of picture and sound quality on DVD. James Cameron commented: "The three year process of making Titanic seemed at times as arduous as the building of the original ship itself. Until recently, I wasn't really ready to dive back into it all and re-live the conflicts, disappointments, tough choices and, ultimately, the film's crazy, unexpected success. This special edition is more than just the hour or so of unseen footage we're including - we're taking fans on an untold journey, one which could have ended just as disastrously as Titanic's maiden voyage, and often seemed as if it would."
Lord Klorel
I must agree. Titanic is the best film that could be made because you can see as reconstruction of the real disaster in April 1912.

How the movie is made is still the greatst mystery of all.

From the moment that titanic hit the ice until he's completly sunk is the MAX.
It's a nice film, but I don't think one hour extra would be that good... it would get boring...

I like the effect when the ships actually sinks...

James Smile
That's right , i agree with the third one. Its too long and boring at the first.
But when it hit the ice hill ,the wonderful come out . i like that screen. The view was so really and so impressive.
My favourite movie...

Titanic is a amazing movie!!! None movie did what Titanic did...

And the musics of the movie???? WONDERFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favourite movie... Rambo
The James Cameron version of the "Titanic" won a number of academy awards for the technical aspects but none for acting. This seemed somehow appropriate (compared its competitors at the time).

The meticulous attention to detail to replicate the features of the ship and the decor and dress of the period was excellent. It was obviously a labour of love for Cameron.
titanic is my favorite movie!!! is great!!
I really love the Titianic! The weird thing is, I've never watched it in English.... I LOVE the music in it though!
Masochistic Tendencies
Titanic was an awesome movie the first time you watch it...then it's like...Eh. Lol they made it into too much of a hollywood movie with the love story thing. The music was good though. Wink
I loved the movie too.

For me it was interesting how the old woman was summing up a lifetime and how we all get caught up in the things that we think are important at the time.

When we look back on our lives I'm sure we'll see many of the things we did as rediculous. Fads, if you will.

So when the woman threw the big diamond in the ocean she was saying something like the world, and each person in it, will be better off without this "fake possession" so she simply did away with in in her own fashion.

Like I say, I loved the movie.
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