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English accents in American movies and TV shows

I've noticed in some of the American movies and TV shows that actors are incorporated with deliberate pucker English accents. I don't know how others see it, but it sounds very artificial and phoney to me. I've also noticed that they even train Americans to do "pucker English" such as in the TV series "The Flood". Possibly they are doing it to make the shows more marketable as some Americans seem to like English accents very much. I admire Queen's English also, when it is not affected, but when it is artificially incorporated into American movies and TV shows, it is irritating to me. I am much more intrigued by American accents such as those from New Orleans or New York. There is something very earthy, rich and genuine about it. I don't mind a real English "crook" now and then like in the Die Hard movies, they sort of look OK, and it gives them an extra dimension to their characters, but to put an actor with an English accent in can sometimes look really artificial.

What do you think about this?
I was recently re-watching 300, and I wonder why everyone in Greece spoke with an English accent... it was very confusing to me.
If analyzed, movies that have American actors with sad attempts at English accents tend to be less realistic. But movies aren't made for free; movies are actually an industry. For someone reason, many Americans have a fetish for English accents. Perhaps it's because they don't here English accents much? All the same, anyone good business will try to maximize its potential for profit by satisfying certain trends. English accents cause a lot of people like characters better (in America). It's just the current thing used to appeal to a larger crowd. :/
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