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Looking for artists

Ok, so I am promoting this software library which is called Raphael

I have many links from my website and am well known in the "Raphael community"

If you build websites then you could visit it and have a look around. If you just want to look around come in the waters warm at:

What i'd also like is that artists visit the below URL..

On the main webpage it says:

"If you wanted to build something in the real world you do not use a pencil" and then you click the link to

This will take you to an early release of the editor (The difference is that it is a 3D editor).

You can build with 3D shapes by picking the blue buttons and moving, morphing them.

It takes a lot of practice, I drew the man on the main page with it.

Give me some feedback, but remember this is Version 0.11 and it's mostly a toy.

Early participators on this project will recieive my due care and attention and replies.
Get 3D editing!

Thanks in advance. C...
So are you looking to hire a graphic designer to work for you and work on a project for you? I just want to make sure that I understand what you are saying 100%

I'm running a competition with version 0.2 or 0.3 to see who can produce the most significant effort feel free to post me your effort on 0.1.

There are a couple of bugs in 0.1 which I have already sorted for 0.2 which will have double the functions when it's finished (Within a couple of weeks).

If you go to the main page at
you will see a small screen dump of some (modest output) underneath "related sites".

Hello pips
I just posted 0.3 to play with, the objective is to make a picture out of objects.
You can now build interesting moving 3D pages.
Change them, copy them and use them on your own website.
Here's an example of one done earlier.

The moving 3D web page editor can be found at the location below.

Art link:

If you create something nice I will put it on my high traffic web pages.
I'm also willing to give a prize, if your work is the best. Smile
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