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Some of my work.

I'm actually studying in the computer graphics domain and we've just started playing around with maya.
here's some of my work, i'd like to have your feedback!

This scene was also rendered with mental ray for maya, and it took about the same time but it has almost 20 000 polys

This scene was rendered with mental ray occlusion, and it took about 12 minutes. (about 10 000 polys)

Leave your comments! Cool
Time to add textures!

Oh, and on the bike... You could add a lot more detail easily if you first model just the head of one bolt, a simple hexagon with depth.

Then, you can change the size, and slap it on various appropriate places, making another level of detail without much extra work.
I know, it misses some details on the city too!
But I only had 1 week to do this (and we had other classes too during this week) so it was hard enough.

Thanks, for the advice, I'll surely rework it@

As for the textures, i'd like to do them but I don't know how!
Ghost Rider103
Pretty good work for only a work and still studying it in school.

They are missing some detail, but all in all it's very good for only a week and still in school.

Making the model is the easy part. Adding the texture in my opinion is the biggest pain of them all. It can even take longer than making the model itself, and in most cases does. Getting the texture right can be difficult at times.

Anyways, they look good for what was put into them.

Good luck!
These look great. With texture, color, and possibly some sculpting of how the light hits the objects would help flesh out these babies definitely
Not bad for doing it in one week, I am in College making projects in Flash and such so I know how time constraints can make smaller thing not appear in the projects. I am impressed with the city being done in only a week. Texture is a harder thing to learn to make really nice unless you use some sort of pre-made texture or something that you don't have to draw, then its just a matter of alignment.

I have made this artwork few years ago when i was just starting to learn and experimenting with Photoshop.. I guess its Photoshop 7 that i've used... This is an artwork Ive done from scratch... from Photoshop pencil tool sketch to finish... It took me 2 days to finish this artwork... I used all possible techniques I've learn from reading online tutorials and some i have discovered on my own... I've used real picture for the background... My little knowledge of canvass painting work hand in hand with me to assemble this artwork easier than it seems...
Very nice. The shadows are great. If you ever add some color, I would like to see.
very nice modeling,but the render effect not perfect.
nice model Smile
wow must say you got some skills
reallly good work keep it up
i hope you will make some thing for me soem day ahaha Laughing
Wow, that's great, both of you. What's the typical job one can get with such skills?
Wow, that looks cool. Very Happy I hope you can develop the images more. I'd love to see the final versions!
Nice! Others have said this, you just need to add detail now. But you stated that you are doing that for a school project. take it you are not finished yet? Or learning the basics? I have always wanted try art on the computer. I can draw with paper and pencil.. but never really tried on the computer. Keep it up man!
That looks very nice!
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