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Joomla Apache Ownership

Ok i have searched through this forum high and low and i still haven't quite found the answer to my question. Theres a lot of talk about setting the ownership from Apache to yourself but in my case i dont use an ftp i edit everything through joomla so i think i need ALL my file to be owned by apache instead of me when files are set to me with UID and GID i cant delete them or edit them from joomla but apache files i can i made the mistake of resetting ownership in cpanel back to myself and now i cant edit my config files unless i use an FTP.

How can i set it all back to apache? i mean for the few things that might need me to be set as owner i could always do that again through cpanel correct? Thanks for your help in advance.
Can anyone provide any insight into this? I have everything set, UID GID as smokey4l and installing packages and everything else with joomla seems to run flawlessly. Certain things i have to use ftp to edit and whatnot which really isn't a big deal.

However, the main configuration file when i go to save it i get a 500 error. Im guessing this is due to the wrong file ownership being set? How could i try to at least set my configuration files to apache? Which im assuming would fix my problem. Any help is appreciated.
Go into Directadmin, as your server doesn't have cPanel, (info and links can be found under your "Account" page) and browse to your files. Then click reset ownership and tada. Make sure you've also CHMOD the config file.
Yes, i know this but i cant. The permissions is already set to me and not apache, and thats the problem.
Resetting ownership permissions through direct admin only works if its owned by Apache and you need to reset it to yourself.

Trying to reset it after its already set to myself i get an error message "An error occurred while resetting the file ownership"
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