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Apache/Php5/MySql = Complete Fustration

Hey guys, I've been trying to install a WEB server on my computer for ages. That's because the upload speeds for Frihost are slow, and cPanel takes eternity to load. Now this is great hosting, but I want to test out my websites on my computer first.

I tried to install XAMPP. Oh did I try. The problem is, when I click on Start Apache on the XAMPP window, NOTHING HAPPENS. It says "Apache Started" but that's it. The green "running" thing didn't appear, the "Start" button did NOT turn into a "Stop" button. NOTHING.

So I gave up with that, I uninstalled it and tried to install Apache, Php, and Mysql by myself. I got Apache and PHP running after hours of trying, but I COULD NOT get Mysql running! I installed the program following every step, but after entering a command to connect to a database, IT WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE THE COMMAND. FATAL ERROR?!?! After checking the STUPID php output, Mysql isn't there at all.

I give up. This is BULLSHIT. In -ALL- honesty, there is just NO REAL documentation, NO REAL installation instructions, just a BUNCH of meaningless mumbo-jumbo on their website "documentation".

I am using Windows 7 64-bit. Can someone tell me how the hell to install a ****** web server before I go crazy? On Linux something like this would take SECONDS. I have poured in HOURS with no result.
try abyss

if you have any problem, you can ask in their forum. it's much easier to configure than apache.

later when you are more familiar with setting up stuff, you can go back to installing apache.

I already got WAMP for Windows though. It installed in less than a minute and I got it up, compared to the hour I wasted trying to get Apache working by myself.
I think there are some other php server more other software easy to use such.
At school i used easy php!
try it!

I already got WAMP for Windows though. It installed in less than a minute and I got it up, compared to the hour I wasted trying to get Apache working by myself.

wonder why XAMPP isn't working on ur system but have fun with your localhost.
I use the Web Developer Server Suite by devside. It works a dream. Their website doesn't appear to have a download link anymore, but I found the download here -
Hello Arty,

The problem you are describing with XAMPP could very easily be caused by a busy port 80. By this I mean that some applications (notably Skype) hijack port 80 for their own purposes! When port 80 is taken and you try to start apache via the XAMPP console it will say "Apache started [Port 80]" and nothing else (it seems to "hang").

Temporarily closing the offending program (this is my fix in the case of Skype) while you are starting apache will sidestep the issue. A more permanent fix is setting Apache to "listen" to another port but then yuo have to supply it each time in the url...

Hope this helps!
this may be an old topic, but just to share, when installing XAMPP the aio package, dont install it int your localdrive:/program files, it will ****** it up, due to UAC, your WAMP worked because it installs by default to localdrive:/wamp. so maybe some other guy might find this usefull.
It appears that Windows 7 has a service called http.sys which starts automatically and uses port 80. To get around this (without hacking the registry and deleting stuff) you just need to install XAMPP and set Apache HTTP to run as a service using the XAMPP Control Panel. Once you've done this reboot your PC. When your PC restarts, the XAMPP Apache HTTP service starts before http.sys and is able to grab port 80.

If anyone's interested in the solution:

If the "Start As a Service" option doesn't work for you, there are some other things you can try.
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