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Team Fortress 2

I love this game so much Very Happy
does anyone else play it and what's your favourite class?

Mine is Spy
I used to play it a lot, although recently I've been distracted by Left 4 Dead 2 Very Happy I usually play as sniper with the huntsman, although I can play pretty much any class fairly well
Love the game, still play it from time to time. I used to play just about every class. As of late I've been trying to master the Demoman class. It has great potential and is quite a bit of fun. My favorite class, though, is Heavy. So much fun, and I have yet to meet anyone who can outsmart bullet. Laughing Still, seems that some servers are filled with rather unskilled players making it easy. I mean, I enter a server that's nearly full, join a team then...I thought we would be fighting men, but they're all babies. (OK, I really have to stop with the Heavy lines Razz ). Overall though, fun game. I think it's in the top 10 list of games I've devoted most time to.
Love the game. Been playing it since it came out, I get pulled away by something else once in a while, but I always goes back to it. I love that it gets updated and classes get new weapons.
You guys really ought to start playing again if you haven't been doing so; because we're finally getting updates for both the soldier and demoman! Mr. Green Support your side for a fourth weapon in the Demoman/Soldier War.
Waiting for that game for years, they finally released it

Will have a look now
Waiting for that game for years, they finally released it

Uhm, it's been out for 3 years now. Wink
games was so good
Lostover there, cant believe 3 years

I was playing CS in 2000 and each year TF2 is coming out never did Laughing

and to hear i missed it by 3 years is kinda funny
Hah, yeah. It came out towards the end of 2007 along with the Orange Box. Go get it now, if you haven't already! Steam has it on sale for $19.
And while you're at it, if you're grabbing Team Fortress 2 off Steam, be sure to pick up Portal as well. (Free until May 24!). Very Happy

Gotta love Steam.
I'm gonna have to try this game too.
Just about to play a game of Team Fortress 2 now. What's everyone's favourite maps? I'm a DustBowl fan myself, although Steel and Hydro are nice too. Smile
I've had it for a bit over a year and still play it regularly. I play all the classes fairly regularly, but I enjoy spy, sniper, and scout.
I play all the classes fairly regularly, but I enjoy spy, sniper, and scout.

I've personally never really enjoyed playing as scout. But I'm a big fan of Spy and Sniper. I try to play each class regularly but sometimes I miss one (read: heavy). Although, I'm trying to play heavy more, since I've discovered there actually is a bit of skill involved. Not that I'm any good at heavy, though. Razz
I host a dedicated TF2 server Very Happy
I love playing the Engineer when I'm lazy, the Pyro when I want to kill people, and the Medic or Soldier when I'm just messing around/they are needed on my team. I haven't played in awhile, but I might after the Engineer Update.
The new engineer update seems quite interesting. Normally I wouldn't judge an update until a month after its release, because everyone plays that class and unbalances everything, but the engineer update seems quite clever.

The mini sentries seem a great way to help offensive teams stop being pushed back, which can be really annoying at times. Not to sure abut the manual aiming sentry. Seems like a great way to defeat the purpose of the spy and sniper, though. Well, we'll see!
The perfect integration of classes, the character and level design, the visuals, and the level of accessibility.Team Fortress 2 is, at heart, a gloriously simple game that's been created with style, panache and an undeniable love of gaming.Great game, it has good graphics, awesome sound, I love the modding of it,
Bringing this back from the dead, because this new Meet the Pyro video should be seen by all Team Fortress 2 fans. Laughing

I have several hundred hours logged in this game, and from the looks of it, several hundred more to come. Very Happy
The new Meet the Pyro was really funny. I hope to see more things like that soon.
Yea it a pretty fun game, though im more into the TFC one the Classic version.
Anyone use the goggles for the Meet the Pyro yet? It's pretty funny how you shoot people and all you see are rainbows, flowers and other girly things.
Was so depressed when TF2 went free, it felt less awesome. Sniper is without a doubt the best class. Valve are true gods, they can't make a bad game.
MechatheSlag wrote:
I love this game so much Very Happy
does anyone else play it and what's your favourite class?

Mine is Spy

I like the medic class
I love this game! It is the best war game ever. It's perfect cartoons, guns, and hats! I love to collect different hats because some are rare. I love all the guns they have and the different classes. My favorite classes are sniper, pyro, and soilder. I just love this game so much it's awesome.
I've been playing the game for some time and all I can say is that it's great although it is free. Every player can get fun, relax with playing - you won't get pissed off after dying few times in a row as you will eventually get revenge Smile. Hundreds of achievements, active community of players and modders (who work with Source SDK + Steam Workshop). Also, graphics style is well made and people won't get bored with it.

Only thing I do not like is pretty long loading of server data, I can't wait to frag, haha.

My favourite class? I've been playing Enemy Territory with Medic and Engineer mostly and now it is the same - if my team needs engineer - I choose it, if not, I usually play as medic. Ubercharge rocks!
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