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what factors around us can make long life do you think?

what factors around us can make long life do you think? some exmples?
Peace of mind. Being happy and secure where we are. Lots of love and affection. Sense of purpose to our life. If we have all of this, the rest sort of falls into place, good food, regular exercise and positive lifestyle and habits.
I think that the diet and genetic factors will determine it a big deal.
Also the environment might be an important factor. For instance, the Ukrainian get old faster than the Japanese as long as I observe. Here Ukraine, the life and climate is harder to survive than in Japan.
Also the food in Ukraine looks less healthy than it in Japan. People doesn't eat vegetable a lot. Carbs and meat and butter is the essential things. When they eat salted vegetable with such a meal, they think "enough veg was eaten". For me it contain too much salt and nearly no vitamin to call veg. Moreover, their intake of sugar is incredibly big.
Laughter is the best medicine. I really believe positive attitude is more important than most other factors, although it's hard for medical science to rate. They can neither control for it nor measure it accurately.

Next is being alert and aware of the factors that medical science can measure. Recommendations given to the public are always a little confusing and seldom give numeric values for the benefit or detriment of specific factors like exercise, adequate levels of specific nutrients, and suspected or confirmed carcinogens. The wise person will make reasonable guesses and dig deeper to study the impact of a few questionable items or practices.

For a few people, genetic predisposition is important. Some of these may remain unknown, but at least most people can benefit from knowing their family history.

So far I have separated the factors, but they need to be combined to get best results. Studies separate the factors, holding the ones not currently being studied constant or otherwise normalizing for them. Wise behavior tries to balance the significance of all factors, knowing that the whole adds up to more than the sum of the parts.
money, and beautiful girls. haha.
ted1986 wrote:
money, and beautiful girls. haha.

haha~~,i like your answer !
Do everything in moderation. Do not stress. Spend time in good company as love gives courage. Be true to yourself and others; your self-esteem will improve. Eat healthy foods; look after your cholesterol and other malign ailments. Laugh and enjoy life! Smile Life may be hard sometimes, but they are good things awaiting us.
genetic factors, no stress, echilibrated food
I have found that by slowing down my reaction time to stimulations, I can greatly improve my quality of life. Instead of getting carried away by the moment (both good and bad stimulations) I allow myself time to let my feelings sort themselves out before I act. I find that if I do this, I remain strong in mind and body. I also find that when I do get carried away, I feel drained later. If I were to chose one factor that keeps me feeling young, this would be it.
Good diet + consistent exercise + genetic luck (not developing diseases that others are more likely to get) + maintaining hygiene.
Correct world view and approach to truth about life and body.
for example,sex action should be suitability .
Good religon is very important.
Ah, my opinion may sound weird but I have to say, the desire to fight for a better life is a factor as well. Smile We need a goal to reach, to make our life more meaningful, and thus enjoy our life. Very Happy
I saw a TV interview recently with a woman who has just reached 102 years, and she could easily pass for her seventies. When she was asked why she thought she had reached this age, she said two things: moving all the time and drinking lots of water. That stuck with me. As if we do not move enough, become sedentary, we must be stagnating. And water of course is essential as well.
Definitely low stress and genetics. But regular exercise and eating a balanced diet also help to prolong life.
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