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I really like this ABC weekly show. It has a pretty cool story line.
It isn't weekly, it's an 8 part mini series, and last night's episode was the last one we get until after the Olympics next march, unfortunately. It's a remake of an 80's series by the same name. Totally good though, I'm just frustrated that it got screwed by the network. They put so much effort into advertising it only to get this big interruption which means ratings will sure suffer.
Its not bad as a re-make... but the brilliance of the original (as far as I remember.... it was a long time ago) was that it was a surprise when the "human skin" was removed to reveal the Lizards... if I remember correctly that was over halfway through....

This time, it was pretty much revealed in the first episode.. but then those of us that had seen it before knew anyway.... so it wasn't going to be a surprise...

I have fond memories of watching it in the UK... I was working in the local supermarket by day, and it was shown every night at 2am local time... and if I remember it was all shown in a single week (or maybe two)... which meant I was exhausted at work the next day....

That was before I'd succumbed to the evils of caffeine to keep myself awake !!!

These days... 2am is nothing... but that comes from being a UK supporter of West Coast NHL teams, who likes to watch the games live.....

I am enjoying the remake also. Although there are other shows I am enjoying much more than "V 2009".

I have to agree that splitting the series in half was not wise on the network's part. I suppose it is ABC's answer to fight against Heroes on NBC and 24 on FOX when the shows start in the Spring.

I have fond memories of the original miniseries also. And although "The Final Battle" isn't what the original creator wanted, I still thought it was really good. The series that came afterwards.... well.... I guess it's kind of like Galactica 1980 -- You simply ignore it even happened. Very Happy

The original had a parallel in Earth history to the Nazi's and propaganda. I can see the propaganda, and I have to say that these aliens seem a lot more clever than the original ones. I don't really see the Nazi influence in the new show, though.

But I'll stay tuned. I'd like to see where this goes.
I really like it it as well, although it had ended until March 2010 which kinda sucks but o well it was getting really good TOO. What i can't understand is what Anna or Hannah wants with that one boy!
We'll find out soon, and hopefully we'll see a guinea pig eaten!
Meh. It is ok, but it didn't engage me enough to carry over the break. I know I will have forgotten entirely about this by march, which is unfortunate, because although the last episode was pretty good, a bunch of ships queuing up to destroy the earth just wasn't that cliffhangery. I don't think that the long break was planned originally.
Yeah, I think the break is going to seriously cripple the show in the ratings. The show is okay, but it isn't "breakthrough" or anything. I enjoy the latest season of Heroes and the new Stargate Universe a lot more than the new "V".

I think now, I'm just curious where they are going to take the show and how they'll do it. If it's canceled, I won't be heartbroken.
Is this the remake? I enjoyed watching the original. Special effects were not good then though. I wonder what they are doing now in this area.
Just like The Prisoner remake, I couldn't get past episode 2. Is it me, or have the makers of these shows (and many others) forgotten what entertainment actually means.
cant wait till get my hands on this.

I've heard a lot about the old series. I was too young when it was telecasted on TV. So have great hopes for the "visitors" new action.

I've watched a lot about the old series on Wikipedia. have a lot of catching up to do. Hope this new V Series makes sence to new viewers. People who haven't watched d the old series and have no background knowledge on Visitors Wink
I can remember the original, was great back then

remember this one line

"pratinama" what does it mean? peace

what a useless mind i have! Razz
In which day of the year this show airs ?
what channel?
Is this still continuing?
So yeah V is back now, and it is pretty good still, I guess. It bugs me though, they keep saying "we will reveal everything" and nothing gets revealed.
brokenadvice wrote:
So yeah V is back now, and it is pretty good still, I guess. It bugs me though, they keep saying "we will reveal everything" and nothing gets revealed.

So when is this airing?
What day?
what time?
in which countries?
The new season of V is about to begin. Reruns of last season are being played back to back tonight. The new season will probably start next week.
well good!!!

i never watched the original, but i'm finding the actuall quite enjoyable!
whats ABC weekly show
It continuieing from the old show, but it awsome, one of the old staring actresses is playing a role as she did in the old one.
I remember watching V as a kid, when it was released then, and it was awesome to us kids, because it had science fiction and also was kind of a horror show, with the masks that they had, and also gore, because they ate mice.

The new one is not that bad, and just waiting for the major action to start.
They have a different strategy in their storyline, but the basis of V is the same, more or less.
Its a good serial, and season 2 started off nicely.
Oh yeah, the old actress was named Diana, I think from the old show... so the plot thickens..... Very Happy
I too remembering watching the original 'V' mini-series. I can't get into any weekly "serial/soap" show these days. Too many other things going on to be pinned down to the tube. Will watch when season DVDs become available maybe.
anna is hot, all other things about this show i dont like...
lisa is hot too

plus anna is kinda lacking emotion and i think it makes her a bit less hot
but when she gets angry she is hotter
dont like that show, but anna is hot... i would like to see her in complete different role ))
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