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Ubuntu 9.10 Final (29/10/2009)


Email and chat

Chat with friends and colleagues through Empathy which integrates: Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Jabber, AOL, QQ and many more.
Evolution gives you email, an address book and a calendar and works well with colleagues and friends using MS Outlook.

Browse the Internet

Ubuntu includes Mozilla Firefox 3.5 for faster and safer browsing.
For a choice of other open-source web browsers visit the Software Centre and take your pick.


Upload from your camera or phone to F-Spot.
Manage, tag, share and sort your photos.
Upload easily to your favourite social network or photo-sharing sites inlcuding: Flickr, Facebook, Picassa and many others.

Music and videos

Plug in your PSP, iPod, MP3 player and use Rythmbox to download, store, buy and play music.
Share playlists with your friends.
Access directly through Rythmbox to stream your favourite music.
Stream and play video from YouTube, BBC and others.

Office applications

Create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations with 3.0. is compatible with all office applications including Microsoft Office.
The big difference is that is free (and promises never to introduce Mr Clippy)

Play games

Over 400 completely free and completely cool games. Solitaire is not the only game in town.
Visit the Software Centre to easily browse, select and install games.

Store, sync and share

Integrated "Ubuntu One" technology gives you 2 GB of online storage for free.
Easily share files between your own and your friends' computers.
Upgrade at low cost for more storage if you need it.

Software Center

Instant access to thousands of free and open-source applications
Categories include: Education, Games, Sound and Video, Graphics, Programming and Office.
Simply select the applications you want to use and the Software Center will add them to your computer
No CDs, no licenses, no hassle.


At the core of the Ubuntu philosophy is the belief that computing is for everyone and whatever your circumstances. Ubuntu is one of the most accessible operating systems around and is fully translated into 23 languages with many more to follow.
The innovations in Ubuntu 9.10

There was not so much new in Ubuntu for a long time any more: With Karmic koala the developers let go a swing of innovations on the user.

If the last Ubuntu releases were marked rather by careful advancement and care of the distribution, the topical version 9.10 beside remoulded optics brings a whole series of technical innovations – the spectrum of the rebuildings reaches from the standard file system about the boat system and the hardware management up to new software. Not everything of it is completely new, many changes have trickled in the course of a longer process of development bit by bit in Ubuntu and now have reached, with Ubuntu 9.10, the necessary maturity for the general application.

This already starts with the file system: Now Ubuntu 9.10 instal itself normally on Ext4; in the previous version one still had to reach to the text-based Installer of the Alternate Install CD and from hand partitionieren to be able to use the Ext3 successor. Tip for keen to experiment: Though Btrfs is included in Ubuntu 9.10, however, it has not created yet in the Installer – who wants to play file system" of Linux with the "Next generation, must lend a hand itself.

Together with the change on Ext4 the Ubuntu developers have also updated the boat manager and now use normally Grub2 (c't article to Grub2). The new boat manager presents himself externally unchanged in Ubuntu 9.10, nevertheless, offers some enlargements: Thus he can begin the Linux-Kernel not only from Ext4, but also from LVM-and RAID partitions. Their equipment supports Ubuntu, however, still not in the graphic installation assistant of the standard desktop CD, but only in the text-based Installer of the Alternate CD.
i like this one!
I just upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10. I kinda like the login screen of version 9.04 better, but maybe this new one will look okay once I get used to it. As for its new features and enhancements, I haven't explored it well enough to give a decent assessment. Smile
I will try to download ubuntu 9.10 and check it out. Will keep you'll posted.
Thanks for the info.
I would wait with the download.
On the 29th of April appears the next Ubuntu version (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS), this time even one with three-year-old Support.
The next Ubuntu version 10.04 will be called "Lucid Lynx". Of this release a Long Term Support version will be. Ubuntu should need only 10 seconds for booting up.
For Nvidia users also new possibilities arise. Thus three different proprietäre drivers are available: nvidia-current (190.53), nvidia-173, and nvidia-96. Now it is possible by the new alternative system to instal three these packages at the same time.
Thunderbird in the new version 3 will be as available, like Nouveau, the source-open Nvidia driver, as one said in the mailing list. Is also to be calculated on the fact that Firefox 3.6 which has appeared even as release Candidate will be contained in 10.04 LTS.

The picture treatment programme GIMP shall not be found any more on the live CD and the plays installed at the moment should undergo a basic overhaul.
I stepped up to 9.10 and had numerous problems with video and audio. I finally had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall 9.04. Running great ever since. Watch the Ubuntu forums for issues before downloading a new distro.
I always wanted to try this, however i wasn't sure if it was going to work for me so i never did. It looks really great and the UI is pretty good too
I have 9.10, and I kind of don't like the idea that the login screen is not totally customizable. There is a way to change the background (I like having it similar to my desktop bg), but that's about it.
Maybe in the future...
Fire Boar
silverdown wrote:
I always wanted to try this, however i wasn't sure if it was going to work for me so i never did. It looks really great and the UI is pretty good too

You should! Just try some Linux! Smile

Just to reassure you, doing a dual-boot is very easy now. In the Ubuntu installer, for instance, all you need to do to set up a dual-boot is to choose the "resize existing partition and install Ubuntu in the free space" option and there you go. Instant dual-boot, letting you choose between your two operating systems freely.

If for some reason you want to go back to only Windows, it's a little more tricky, but you can run a Windows shell executable called fixmbr to remove the Ubuntu option from your boot menu. Then just delete the Ubuntu partitions and resize your Windows partition back to its original size (you can do this step with the Ubuntu install CD by hitting Alt+F2 and typing 'gksudo gparted'). Aside: To explain the fixmbr step more, what basically happens is when you install Ubuntu (and nearly every other Linux) it puts a program called Grub in your Master Boot Record, overwriting what was a pointer to the Windows bootloader. Grub is capable of what's called "chain-loading Windows", which means starting the Windows bootloader. What fixmbr does is put the Windows pointer back in the Master Boot Record, making Linux inaccessible but removing the Grub dependency so you can safely remove it along with the rest of Linux.
I downloaded and booted through the live cd, and its slightly faster than previous ones in loading up.
A previous version of Ubuntu, I think 9.04 took a very long time to boot via the live cd.
Some things work right off the bat. Laughing
I'm used to setting up my sytem from scratch, so I don't like when everything is configured without my control - that's the reason I don't use ubuntu any more. On the other hand I know from autopsy, that setting up everthing in ubuntu may give problems to newbies, but these problems result mainly from lack of utilities supporting doing many things (eg. setting up mount points after installation without editing fstab manually). What's the conclusion? Now Ubuntu is really user-friendly and has many features, which other operating systems do not have, but there are some things, which should be facilitated.
If you are using Ubuntu, you probably know there is some 2000+ applications you can install on your system. Obviously you would not need to install all of those to get the best out of your system, the following 6 applications gave me a lot of functionality, some of them are available in the revised software management hub called the Ubuntu Software Center.

VLC, Skype, Devede, VirtualOSE, Scribus and Deluge. Your default install already comes with some great apps to get you off the ground, like Those on this list are meant to augment the ones you already have. Give them a try and let me know what you think.
Ubuntu 9.10 has some problems with audio and video codec. DVD video is not playing in my case. I tried it all and nothing is working for me. mplayer fails to show video from DVD. Only thing I can hear is audio only. I haven't noticed other problems beside this one. Anyone have any solution for this problem.
jwellsy wrote:
I stepped up to 9.10 and had numerous problems with video and audio. I finally had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall 9.04. Running great ever since. Watch the Ubuntu forums for issues before downloading a new distro.
I wrote these issues somewhere here, but the post is missing :s

anyways, The Only thing I love about Ubuntu 9.10 is that it gave my new Notebook "voice" Smile

Earler, there were no audio drivers avaialble for my Realtek Soundcard, Now its working fine Smile

Other than that, i experienced some issues too. Removable USB drives have problems auto mounting... As a matterof fact, some were unable to mount , even manualy Sad

And the other thing I hate is GRUB 2.0.. FU** FU** FU** FU** Mad
Y the f*** they changed it so much ??? I spent a lot of time learning how to edit GRUB 1...
And I spent hours on the NEW GRUB two and... damn it is sooooooo hard ... and i still cant make it do what i want Sad
I think Ubuntu 10.04 should definitely have a GUI GRUB editor. I think Kubuntu had one such programe even in the earlier versions.
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