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Google Chrome Extensions

Well I know that I used to use Firefox religiously for a very long time and was unsure to change over to Google Chrome. After doing so I noticed a very big difference in speed, not only page loading speed but any command overall. One thing I will say I dearly miss was all the very useful extensions that you can add to Firefox. I had many installed onto Firefox which helped me in many of my online adventures that normally I wouldnt even think about doing because it would take me 20 minutes and 5 extra programs to use to get the same results. I was reading an article recently and found a pretty neat website that is based on extensions for Google Chrome. I looked into it and it looks pretty promising. There is one website that takes you through the steps in setting up your Google Chrome for allowing you to use extensions which is

After you go through the steps of setting up your Google Chrome for extensions you can visit this websiet for a lot more extensions to pick from.
So essentially grease monkey on Chrome? Didn't know you could do that. Not real extensions like in Firefox, but still that's good to know.
Why can't Chrome start supporting proper addons ? They knew Firefox was popular for its addons and customisability. Chrome should have hit the ground running (by supporting addons) in order to win our support.

But anyway, I find myself slways using Chrome, even though I have an adblocked firefox and a default Internet explorer
Maybe they're not installing add-ons for the sake of quality control. The main reason Firefox is becoming slower is because of its extensions.
I think still chrome is in Beta... google is having toolbar for IE but no such option avail for chrome yet.
But still i love chrome due to the speed
I think there's pretty much one big reason that extensions haven't been widely opened by Google Chrome: AdBlock.

Google's survival as a company relies on advertising being seen and being clicked on effectively. The runaway success of the AdBlock extension in Firefox will have the Google guys worried, because if it (or a similar feature set) becomes available in other browsers, the number of hits on ads will drop, along with Google's revenues. Despite all the products that Google provides, its core business and way to make money is via advertising.

With the new Google Chrome OS coming out in the comparatively near future, Google can't be seen to allow ad-blocking in its own product. That really would be a case of shooting themselves squarely in the foot.

Very Happy
HalfBloodPrince wrote:

Very Happy

So it's coming soon essentially?
snowboardalliance wrote:
HalfBloodPrince wrote:

Very Happy

So it's coming soon essentially?

I hope that very soon, chrome is a very very fast browser Very Happy
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