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Ninja Assassin

I saw a screening of Ninja Assassin last Thursday and love it! The preview looked good but the movie rocked!! I had heard that the filming would be reminiscent of Sin City and 300 which I enjoyed. I thought the filming was very cool; however, I think the theater I went to had a bad projector or something because there were a lot of dark scenes that were hard to make out what was going on. I'm hoping that since I'm raving about the movie, ninjas don't try and take me out one night. They way they appeared from the shadows was awesome!

VERY COOL movie! Definitely a must see if you like this kind of stuff!
I am also looking forward to seeing that movie. it looks like it might be a bit more graphic than i would like, since i have not seen the movie, i can not say. another nice thing that i like about the movie so far is that i know nothing about it, which is nice to have no expectations for a movie once and a while. I have only seen one trailer for it and it did not tell me much about what the movie was about other than ninjas Smile
My friend and colleague Maximilian Schmige was one of the digital imaging technicians for Ninja Assassin. He's currently obtaining a Masters degree in Cinematography at AFI.

I still have yet to see the film, but look forward to see it sometime in the next couple weeks
ato_784 - The movie is very graphic. I think rogue_skydragon's friend and the other digital imaging techs went a little over board but was still very cool. Of course if you think about what is happening, it is a pretty graphic event when someone's limb is severed.
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