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Changing to a new Router Modem ADSL


I have just got a Netgear Modem router DG834G. I want to replace the D-Link that I got from Vodafone when I signed on. Is this easy. What do I need to do.

Is it plug and play. Or are there setting to change..
It is probably NOT plug and play. You'll have to call your ISP and they will tell you the settings that you need to enter.
why you not use it or u want wifi N ???

now working with netgear do (default from factory)
1. open IE. type address and
2. fill username:admin password:password
as picture from
- If ie not find page. (your isp change this)
you should start cmd, type ipconfig /all,
find for your ethernet lan card ip. eg. my ip is now.
your netgear router should So type this in IE.

**** you must have another username and password from
**** your isp for PPPoE login.
after that note config about (try view status)
find topic and note about
PPPoE : user name, password .... ,
ATM virtual circuit : VPI, VCI ... , **** must NOTE ***
IP ADDRESS : ip, subnet mask, default gateway, dns server ... , (WAN ip)
if dynamic ip mean isp will auto set for this. (most isp do)
another IP ADDRESS set ( LAN ip, local ip, private ip, begin 192.168...)
should (factory default) if not must note all.
(your isp chage it or
"your local network" your admin (if have more computers share) config this)
*** to exit view page of router by Close IE it not change(save) anything.
*** If want set config to router,
in that webpage must have "save button" and u click it.

router have 2 ip.
one for "local network" and another for WAN or another network.
eg. for me (my lancard) and
my router for local network that must same network with lancard,
and another router ip if dynamic ip mean my isp auto gives.
other internet will see this ip so can send data to you.

LAST you should download "router user manual" before buy router............

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