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I want to change my profession

Hello all,

I am 31 and I feel that I can do more with my life. I have a good job, I am paid well, I have a girlfriend, I saw a dozen of countries... but I am not happy enough.
I think to change my profession - to follow an University and to change the way my life is going.
I like robotics, I have studies in informatics.

Two questions:

1. Can you recommend a good University in Robotics field? (I would like Germany but any other European country is ok)
2. Do you think that my age will be a problem?

A British Billionaire James Goldsmith is credited for a saying that
"If a man marries his mistress, a vacancy is created."
One interpretation is that we need a duality in our lives. A yin/yang thing. Keep your day job and use robotics as your hobby and build the things you want to build for your own pleasure. To take on your hobby as a job will take some of the fun out of it, having to meet deadlines so your employer can make money.

In this world economy and the coming changes, stay with your current job especially if they have a retirement plan.
I don´t know answer on your frist question but on your second I can say_ "You are not too old." I have lot of more years then you and in this moment I am going to learn somethign totally new and this is way to change my job. I am learning on the English, what is little bih heavy to me, in country where I am not living in this moment and something what I don´t see any time before.

If you love robotics don´t wait, go and grab your chance. Wink

You are not too old.
My father started a new hobby at the age of 50-stained glass and soon it grew into a good sized profession.
I too changed jobs recently and I am 48 from a professional studio manager to a teaching position in an university.
Age is not the problem.
It is giving up a job... what happens next??
I think that you are too old to change your job.
General consensus: You're not too old.

We established that. But I also like what Jwellsy said about you using robotics as a hobby.

When something goes from 'want to' to 'have to', it becomes a chore. So keep it as a hobby.
I went to architecture school, and I had people from 18 years old, to 60 years old (she used to be a science teacher, but decided she wanted to chage careers. So, no, you are not too old. In college it doesnt matter how old you are...

Now if you never graduated Highschool, and wanted to go to a highschool, THAT would be interesting
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