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Michael Crichton

I don't read many fiction books but I have nejoyed Michael Crichton over many years.
Six Million Dollar Man

Andromeda Strain

A case of need

Juarassic ark series




Rising Sun


and many more fiction and non fiction as well as the genius behind the Televison show "ER".

I have enjoyed the selection of his books that I have read.
The overlap with film and televison is amazing.
Jurassic Park. I love it. I still can read it over and over again. It was such a good book.
Olivia Wood
I've read a bunch of Michel Crichton's books, but I think I liked Sphere the most. Most of them are okay, if not... hmmm... not thematically diverse? Something like that. The point is they get pretty predictable once you get used to his format.

The only one of his novels that I read and really, really didn't like is The Terminal Man, mostly because the science behind it was so utterly, horribly bad it wasn't even funny.

Also, I recently heard his novels were pretty sexist, with all the female characters depicted as being dumb, shallow, manipulative or cruel, etc. I don't remember anything like that really popping out at me while I was reading his books, but I don't really remember them well enough to judge in retrospect. Any thoughts?
I enjoyed Jurassic Park and Sphere.
I haven't read his most recent books. It will be sad if he has adopted a sexist position. I liked the fact that he had ensembles of contributing characters. Certainly "ER" started as a great ensemble.
Most of his are good.

I recently read, 'Eaters of the Dead', and did not really care for it.

I guess I'll go back and reread Jurassic Park for the 10th time!

Timeline was fair, and I have not yet read Airframe - maybe I should try it next!
The only books by Michael Crichton I have read are Timeline and the thirteenth warrior, and I loved them. What other books by Crichton do you recommend?
No doubt for me about "Sphere" being the better Michael Crichton book, although I didn't read them all. Jurassik Park series were also good ones, but not to read them 10 times Shocked
I liked the films of these books too, that is something not always happens (almost never happens).
I still like to read the Jurassic park novels. Even the second one is a worthwhile read.
I'm not the biggest fan of Jurassic Park, and the like. Sphere was good. (His writing is certainly superior to his movies!)
But have any of you ever read Travels.
It's been a while since I've read it - it's not easy to find. But I seem to remember really enjoying it! It's a collection of short sdtories, non-fiction.
I loved it!
Michael Crichton is a great writer. Jurassic Park was amazing after I read it. The movies leave out all of the science though, and make people think that there is absolutely no way for anything like that to happen.

Sphere was also an amazing book, but I don't think that it was his best. Jurassic Park I think was his best, and it is good to read, even if it is for the 10th time.
I would have to say Michael Crichton is one of my favorite authors, along with Tom Clancy and J.R.R. Tolkien. So far I've read Sphere, Timeline, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Airframe, State of Fear, and The Andromeda Strain, and all of them were excellent books that I just could not put down, and even when I finished them I went back and re-read them. However, I've tried to pick up Eaters of the Dead and Congo but I just didn't like them as much as other books that he has written.
I read Jurassic Park and another one I got from a sunday newspaper (can't remember the name). Excellent reads! Very Happy
Eaters of the Dead is a worthwhile read. It's a much slower book than his others, but it's intersting to see his retelling of the Beowulf.

Airframe has got to be his worst novel. It's the only one that I've actually disliked. Even The Terminal Man was a better read.
I have yet to read all of Crichton's books, but I have polished off a few and I would have to say my favorite so far is "Timeline". The medievil times was such a cool era.

Then there is also The Great Train Robbery. I enjoyed reading about the ins and outs of a heist without the technology that we have today. The patience and precision planning that it takes is astounding.

Currently reading State of Fear and enjoying as always.
riv_ wrote:
I'm not the biggest fan of Jurassic Park, and the like. Sphere was good. (His writing is certainly superior to his movies!)

You know, I had no idea that Sphere was by Crichton. Shocked

I've really only read his first Jurrasic Park book, which I did find a good bit more enjoyable than the film, but perhaps I'll pick up another couple from the library at some stage.

It would be interesting to see how Sphere differs in its literary format.
Yes, his books are my all time favourite.

Loved Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Even Air Frame was good cos I don't really care much for 'How does an aeroplane fly'. However the last book 'State of Fear' provided more technical information more than I really want to know. Wink
I love Michael Crichton's books. I've read almost all of them, having just completed The Great Train Robbery. Although completely different from Crichton's usual sci-fi, it was a good read. I really enjoyed Travels, as recommended by someone above. I want to try and get my hands on some of his other non-fiction books, since I think I've read all of his fiction. All in all, I'd recommend basically any book by Crichton. Just look in the first few pages of any of his books, pick one off the list you haven't read, and It'll most likely be a great read.
Sphere was a barbaric bore.

But The Andromeda Strain was was cool. Chilling, in fact. An absolutely horrifying what-if, elegant in the simplicity of the terrifying concept, and disturbingly just within the realm of possibility. When nature bites back hard, what the f?ck do we do now? As if a bored, but sadistic universe was saying to humanity, "I was just playing around with you this time. Next time, I may not let you off so easy".
I've never read Sphere but I've heard excellent things about it. The only Crichton I've read has been The Great Train Robbery and Timeline, but I'm totally looking forward to reading more by him. I find his blend of science and fiction to be wonderful in all aspects of his story telling. There are times when his fiction is so believable if I didn't know better I may have accepted it as fact.
benwhite wrote:
Eaters of the Dead is a worthwhile read. It's a much slower book than his others, but it's intersting to see his retelling of the Beowulf.

Airframe has got to be his worst novel. It's the only one that I've actually disliked. Even The Terminal Man was a better read.

not so bad
airframe is the only novel that i read

i liked it

i got some technical information of "plane's wing"
i think problem of the book , there is no a real hero
I have quite a few of Crichton's books. My favorites are Timeline, Congo and Sphere (I have all three movies as well).
I read one of his books, Sphere, and that was enough for me. The depressing arena of which the story was set as well as the not-so-happy ending aren't what I like in books. (I don't mind unoriginality as long as something is entertaining and ends well.)
im not much of a reader- so i havent really gotten into michael crichton. but if i get bored and need a page turner which of his book does everyone recommend? i notice sphere seems pretty popular??
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