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resurecting files...

Ok so i accidentally sent a floppy through the wash...woops.

My question is, is there any way to save the data that is on the disk. I tried putting it into my computer thinking that water shouldnt have damaged it since its really only effected by water, but it unfortunatly says the disk is not formatted. Is there any way to read and extract what is on the floppy without formatting it? Or is there a way to format it and then pull whats on it off?
You can surf to Google and search for "file recovery"

One of the best tools is PC Inspector, it's on a .DE site, but it is English:
Look at this webpage. It's all freeware.

PC Inspector File Recovery is well knows offcourse.

A floppy Confused I wish you the best of luck but... Confused

James Smile
thanks for the help guys.

I got pc inspector. Only problem is is that it can only resurrect my jpg's. Problem is is that i had alot of txt files on it too.

But thanks for that one program, it saved most of the data on it. Just gotta get the txt ones now.
That's strange... do you have FILE recovery?
They've got SMART recovery to, that's for pictures from removable media.

Do you have the right one? ( = FILE recovery)

James Smile
we used "get data back" a year ago, it worked pretty good on a NTFS and a FAT32 partition (there's seperate versions for both filesystems)
You can try Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - data recovery software. It recovers the data even the drive is formated. It has worked tremendously well for me, recovering 99% of my data back. I downloaded the demo version from Through demo version I was able to see my recovered data.

Hope its going to work well for you too.

Best of luck
ne2 Luka
I'm sorry to say that all of those utilities you named up there are only fit for beginners (no offense to anyone). If you want to recover your files fast and safe you'll need to acquire some of the professional utilites. I would recommend EasyRecovery Professional from Ontrack.
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