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Free Ipods!?!?


I just came across some web site that claimed to give out free ipods.

I heard it is true, and, although it looks like Spam, it supposedly isn't. There are a lot of people who claim that it is great, and absolutely none who says the contrary.

Anyway can tell me what they think about that? I want to subscribe, but scared of being fooled...

Here's the link: <edit, no referral urls please, also the url isn't working at the moment.>

So, should I take the offer or not???

Did anyone try it and did have an ipod? or didn't receive one?

Thank you!
First of all, some websites do give free ipods to people, but it's not common practice.

Some comments:
Arrow Most of the time the offer is US-only. I don't know about Canada, but you might receive it there too.
Arrow You will need to do a lot of things to get it.
Arrow It will also take a very long time (3-4 months) to get it.
Arrow Most websites are scamming you and are only there to get your personal data, which you'll have to submit for sure.

So, although you might get it, I wouldn't risk it, if I were you. But it's your choice.
to get a free ipod you can go to
you must partcipate in like 2 things which cost money
like 5$ per thing
then you must refer 5 peeps to do the same thing which is hard becaue then they have to refer 5 peeps then they have to refer 5 peeps and so on lol
i am not totally sure what the website was that my roommate went to (i know it was different then that one you posted) but he did get an ipod mini from completing the all the hoops they want you to jump through. he almost didnt get it because it was a us only deal and were in canada, but we live like 15 minutes from algonac michigan where they have a mail center that canadians can use to get mail. when it shows up at that address we just drive and pick it up or they can forward it too you for whatever the shipping cost (cheaper for me to drive) but its great for when your canadian and need an american address. when my roommate comes home ill post that website he used and its definatly not a scam. took 6 weeks for delivery tho, but it did come as promised for free (had to pay for shipping still which was less then 5 bucks i beleive so not bad) hope that helps in your decision making.
That's a good idea, zerodefect. Just don't post referral links, just a normal link to the website. Wink
yeah no referral links from me. i dont really have the time to go through all that for a free ipod. its not easy, im sure he spent the good part a few nights working on those questionaires and quizs before he qualified. id rather just buy one personally.
Yeah sorry!

I got this link from someone.. before knowing what where referral links! Sorry all !

Well, I am on a IRC chat with people.. and I am sure that the offer is genuine.. I think I am going to try.

And for your info, zerodefect, this site does not make you fill surveys and surveys..

You just have to subscribe to something (for example Columbia House membership... and you can cancel your membership later) and have 5 people subscribing also...

But that just it, you have to find those 5 people..
I personally think it's a scam. I have tried these offers before, and they have not worked. My advice, if you want an Ipod, just buy one, then you know for sure that you're getting one.Very Happy
I have a "policy" that i always believe in

I decided to try it.

If I get one, I let you know Smile

If I don't.. then ... I had nothing to lose ;0
Some of these sites are not scams, but the things you are required to do usually take so much time or money to do, making the offers not worth it. Unfortunately, they often get away with the scam by making the last step where you MUST pay for something rediculous or get friends to sign up for money. There is no such thing as a "Free IPOD;" you will definently end up paying for it with your (or your friends) time and money.
There's no free lunch in the world.

Such Free ipod don't work. they are muchly scammers in disguise

In addition, it's limited to USA, making it difficult for International people to believe that they works.

karysky wrote:

I just came across some web site that claimed to give out free ipods.

Some people claim NASA staged the moon landing. Some people claim the moon is made of cheese. Some people claim perceptions are facts.

and, although it looks like Spam

Does it walk like a duck?

There are a lot of people who claim that it is great, and absolutely none who says the contrary.

I "claim" it to be the ponzi scheme SCAM that it is.

So, should I take the offer or not

Well you apparently like deceiving people so I'm sure according to justice you shouldn't mind being duped yourself Wink

I had nothing to lose ;0

Except your time, honor, and dignity

so maybe we should close this thread.

the majority say it's PONZI. haha

okok. relax. jk
These schemes are usually dodgy, aparantly gratis network is reliable but i never checked this.
The thing is, I've found the website because of CNN.

There are many, many TV actuality shows around that talk about it. Interviewers who tried and who succeed in receiving a free ipod. And I learned very recently that even one of my friends received one.

It works for US, Canada and UK people only.

It would be fun if that thread could stay opened for another month and a half, so that I can tell you wether or not I received one.......


...... or not Confused
i hate it cause most of them you will have to pay for the offers which sux cause i dotn got cc and i dont want to waste money lol.
Yeah that's true....

But I took a free-trial offer....well, not entirely free it costs one dollar.

So, if I don't receive one, I would have lost only one dollar..
lmao 1 dollary i cant pay at all, hey wanna try and get me one and then it can be sent to me. I would appreciate that.

My friend just got her ipod! I can't believe it! I still need some referral but maybe soon I'll be the one to say I HAVE MY OWN FREE IPOD! lol

Anyway, for those who are interested, I've just made that web site with information on how this scheme works, and you can subscribe if you're interested.

it is also viewable from here:

Well... I can't wait! Laughing Laughing
There are two ways that I know of these things working, they are not scams as such they will give you 'Free' Ipods, but they are paid for inderectly either they get the money from a basic form of a pyrimid scheme, as someone mentioned earlier you will need to buy a couple of things for (Example 5$) and also get (Example 5) people to do the same. And that way they get (Exmple 50$) out of it, but od course pyrimid schemes don't work, and the next way they work is by getting all your personal info, and selling it to people for lots of money, Usually it's one of the above, or both,
'You get what you pay for'
'You get nothing for free'
Look for Gratis network .................

They have been featured on CNN NBC and all..............for giving out free ipod
Free IPODs? Its good!
There's no free lunch in the world.,i think too.
No free lunch, I agree, but there are free ipods and digital cameras! lol

Seriously, my friend here just got hers, and I'm on my way to getting one.

You can take a look there!

It's my personnal webpage and I make no money whatsover with this.
It really is just something to make people happy!

I can't wait to show you a picture of myself with my ipod!

Very Happy Shocked Very Happy
I'm still waiting for my free mousepad that I signed up for a few years ago. When I get that, then talk to me about a free iPod. If I want one one bad enough, I'll just buy one.
I allready have a iPod 20GB photo and don't need another ;DDD

But you will never get anything for free, thats my way of thinking.
yheaa.. i did try this kind of offer from i duno if I'll get one but i hope so... geeting 5 friends to do the same kinah hard to do... I completed 1 of thier offers which is actually not so bad (sign up and get 5 DVDs of Ur own choice for 0.49 cents each) so i sign up... not juz to complete the offer but bcoz i want DVDs too for 0.49cents each... and admit it or not... its a gud deal... =) and seriously... I did recieved all 5 DVDs that i ordered and they charged me about 7 buckss... and the DVDs are new and sealed and in gud condition...

So right now... i dont care if I dont complete the offer... coz recruiting 5 folks to do this is really hard... I've been recruiting people for lyk 2 months now.. and still... nobody wants to... they think its a scam... but yyheeaa... my suggestion iss.... why not try... if U've got lots of friends.... try askin them before signin up, and if U think U've got 5 folks that agreed... then U shuld sign up.... =)
I think it's not true. In China, many people will receive messages that tell you have won a new computer or a lot of money. All you need to do is going to the place they told you just with your ID card. Every time I ignore them.

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