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Sempron 3400+ on windows 7 64 bit

Sempron 3400+ on windows 7 64 bit I am wondering if anyone of you can help me out. I am wqondering if it is possible to run a 64 bit version of windows on a sempron 3400+ processor. I have tried to google it but could not find a clear answer. I may not have used the right keyword combination perhaps, but wanted to know prior to trying to install for possibly no reason. thanks in advance for any suggestions or help on this matter. Very Happy
Sempron 3400+ processor has the 64-bit instructions activated, which makes it a true Athlon 64 CPU but with less memory cache. so it should work fine in windows 7.

This processor is having just 256 KB of L2 cache so it will be slow comparing to some same family of authlon processor.
thanks for the advice, I did try it and it seems fine. Yes i do notice much difference between it and my AMD 7750 dual core processor running it, but it works. The Sempron is for one of my sons. Thanks again. Very Happy
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