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Scooter ride round the Yorkshire lighthouses

Goole docks at 8am on a Sunday morning in November....a world of high steel fences & padlocked gates (did they know I was coming?)
The lighthouse was moved west to Goole from the Ouse/Trent where both rivers flow into the Humber, and is now just there for decor, beside the pond of the Goole Model Boat Owners Club.

On then to Paull, at the eastern side of Hull on the Humber. After a grey start the morning was brightening up & looked set for a great day.

Half a mile along the banks of the Humber are the Thorngumbald High & Thorngumbald Low lights, 100 yards or so apart. From the main road I'd to ride/push the scooter 800 yards or so across a nature reserve...not something I felt comfortable doing, as dog-walkers were out enjoying their stroll....but a man's gotta do, and all that !
The barred/padlocked barriers were a problem, but Stripey George just slid nicely underneath!
The North Sea Ferry terminal in Hull is in the background.

On then to Spurn Point, surprisingly a long way past Hull; a 4-miles long spit of land at the mouth of the Humber Estuary...treacherous for most part of the ride along, as sand drifts in large banks over the road...fell off there a couple of years ago !!
The main "Spurn High" lighthouse - disused today, but an impressive sight.

Actually in the estuary is the older "Spurn Low" light - converted years ago to a water storage tank. George was showing off a bit here with his head for heights!

Turning north now, following the coast proper, up to Withernsea...some super scooter riding to be had out cars around, and lots of corners on mainly good roads.
The lighthouse is inland, in the middle of the town, which seems a bit odd.

I was starting to wonder about time now...I'd only got 'til 4pm in good light & still had to make another four stops. I'd left my mobile at home; my only timepiece and, more importantly, my breakdown recovery lifeline, just in case !
Onwards another 25 miles or so to Flamborough, north/east of Bridlington; I'd photographed these lighthouses a couple of weeks ago while visiting the National Scooter Rally there, but this was an All-13-lighthouses-in-Yorkshire-in-one-day jobbie, so I'd to make the trek out there again.
Flamborough Head lighthouse (built 1800's), set on stunning chalk cliffs.

The Chalk Tower, built in the 1600’s stands nearby. Intended to accommodate a fire beacon in the top, recent research suggests it was neven lit though. Now sits beside a couple of the tees at Flamborough Golf Club.

20-odd miles up to Scarborough now…my favourite area in North Yorkshire. I got held up in the Sunday-outing traffic, so took some quick snaps from the south end of the south bay & cracked on up towards Whitby.

The road from Scarborough to Whitby has to be the best short stretch of scooter riding road I know….20 miles or so of undulating tarmac, moorland, forestry, old stone villages, all with brilliant views to the right of the coast & left of the North York Moors.
The next lighthouse is one not many know of…tucked away on remote cliffs about a mile south of Whitby. Accessible only via a single track lane, straight through a working dairy farm yard (yep – the scooter got caked in sh….omething!), across farmers fields & finally down to the lane’s end where the lighthouse sits, with only a neighbouring disused foghorn station for company.
I’m parked here inside their gate, on their driveway, so I took a quick snap & cleared off.

Back through the ankle deep cow dung & into civilisation…1 mile down the road we’re in Whitby for the final picture. It’s 4pm & I’d made it before the light went.
Someone had very kindly built both the town’s lighthouses together at the mouth of the harbour, here seen through the iconic whale’s jawbones….Captain Cook looking on, impressed no doubt by Stripey George’s paintjob.

Time for home, and the 90+ miles trip to Barnsley. A bit nervey at first as the tail light had been playing up earlier in the week…not something you want on those roads over the tops to Pickering, but all went well, the scooter flew like the wind, and I was home, pretty exhausted, by 7pm.
A great scootering day out, covering 280 miles and seeing vast swathes of God’s own county at it’s very best.
Awesome photos. You must like your scooter very much Smile I particularly like the photo that was taken en route Scarborough to Whitby with the sea wall. Reminds me a little of Guernsey St. Peter Port. Looks as though winter is coming with gray rainy skies?
Glad you liked the pics! Very Happy
Yep, I love riding the old thing, and getting out, seeing new things & recording it for posterity!
Only problem being that the scooter does 60mph maximum, and getting to and from these places is so time consuming....if I had a Honda Fireblade I'd get there & back so much quicker, but I wouldn't love the bike, which is most of the fun for me.
Yes, winter's definitely coming...just checked the local weather, and it looks like I'll be cold coming home from work tonight!
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