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I see Next door Neighbour's Connection. Can they see me?


I noticed this appear in my new e-Machine computer. I have never owned a computer that had wifi on it.

Is my computer safe from them. I'm not to sure how to secure this computer..

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Thank you..
As far as I know, you can't connect to this network - it requires a password. If you were connected to the network, they might be able to see your computer (that's how my computer and my brother's laptop is connected), but since you are not connected I guess it is OK.
Let me get this straight, you now bought a computer with wifi on it, and it's the first time you own a computer with wifi right?

Well, I guess it's just the neighbors' network being picked up by your receiver, and you can't connect to it anyway without a password.
What you should do is to setup all the required protections for your own network and computer, so people won't be able to have access to your data.
Here are some nice tips from the Internets:
If you aren't using the wireless connection, turn it off, disable the driver, or remove it completely, whichever is easiest. That's 100% sure wireless security. If you are using the wireless network, it becomes a lot more complicated.
Yes they can't connect to you, unless you have a wireless modem / router.

But if you really want to be safe, switch off your pc, and start using pen and paper. Laughing
Sometimes it's better to use pen and paper.
Anyway, like ocalhoun said, turn it off if you're not using a network or not planning to use one in the very near future.
I heard that on DELL laptops you just press Fn+F2 or something like that. Try that, it might work on your emachine.
That combination acts like a hardware switch as far as I can tell.

Also, this might be useful:
The network is secured, with a password, therefore you can't use it. The signal strength is also 0 bars, so if you connect it won't be fast and probably will drop connection frequently.

If you do manage to connect, there are many ways for them to find out that you're using their internet.
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