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Tours to China

I have just completed my third tour to China, and this last trip is to Szechuan (4 provinces).

The places of nature are beautiful, but I have some bad experiences.

The tours will always end up with free foot massage, and while you are rooted, they will sent their so-called professors to tell you that you have risks of all kinds of illness, and to be rip of these illness you will have to buy their pills.

Often 3 months supply costing US dollars 2,000 - for 3 boxes of pills.

If you refused, then they will start threatening that you illness will escalate, to the point of cursing etc.

I really feel the disgust of these pressuring selling tricks - or I may simply said "Watch out for the conman of China.

The tour guides are no better, as they join in the conning - as they too get commissions from that.

It really makes me feel that China is not really putting a good reputation for their tourism.
This is a terrible scam. It always seems that tourists are never safe from scam artists which is unfortunate. When you are in a different country, it is easy to be fooled and you will often not know where to go for help.
shenyl wrote:
It really makes me feel that China is not really putting a good reputation for their tourism.
I did not have your specific experience, but yes, in complete capital letters, that was the part that completely put me off China. I have only been to Ghangzou, and I doubt I want to go back to China for this very reason. Wherever I went I felt like a commodity to be "conned", "tricked" or "manipulated". Total insult to my intelligence. Strangely enough, it is completely different in Hong Kong. This negative experience is limited to Mainland China. People are very aggressively out to exploit tourists, but obviously can't recognize it as such. It is their way of doing business.
Yes, in a different country.

Not all countries I visited resort to such scam.

New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Switzerland, Holland - I have not encountered such tricks, but in China, it is always the same.

The worse part is that your tour guide is in the same scam.

Only once in April this year, the tour guide was very frank and not supportive of such tricks.

He keep warning us "Do not buy" - but also highlighted that it is the company's policy to bring the customers to these shops (con shop).

So there are still tour guides that are willing not to make dirty money in these scam ways.

Very sad state for a country so blessed with gifts of nature.
That must be very strange, people telling you you're sick. And after buying such tours, guides should protect you from this nonsense
There are alots more that I have not covered.

Firstly, they do not attack me, they attack my wife - both of us are in the 50s.

I do not need to be a doctor to tell that you have many common illness - high blood, etc.

Then they threaten that if the common illness are not treated by them, you will get cancer.

This put my wife into fear, and they turn to me that I must support her.

What am I to said - don't buy, when my wife is at risk of cancer.

Then repeatedly they ask, paying by cards for the US 2,000?

I guess, it was fortunate, that my wife has been warned by the chinese physician in Singapore,
do not buy the medicine in China - they are con men.

So I only manage to tell my wife in English, knowing these con men cannot understand English.
To remind her of what the chinese physician in Singapore told her.

And that is when I manage to pull her out of the trickery, and flee for safety.

Nasty, Chinese con men.
yes,china tourism has no good reputation.even for we chinese people,we know they are not good.the guide often takes you to shops or restaunts,and traveling routes are always full of people -- not interesting at all.
i often go for travel by myself,in china or even out of china. i think china or any other country has many good places to visit,but if you go with a travel group,you will be feeling disappointed.
Thanks Cliffer for that encouraging advice.

Yes, I travel on my own in Japan (twice), in New Zealand once, in Netherland once, in Phuket and Ko Samui too.

But in China, lots of local knowledge is required - such as the bus system, train system, etc.

These transport systems are not easy to discover on the Internet, especially if you read English and not the Chinese language.

I wish China will improve on all these and then it can really be a fantastic place to visit - self guided.

JuiJaiKo (In Sichuan), Yunnan, Zheng Jia Cia - are all beautiful places.

Oh, I also have a self-guided visit to Beijin once - it was easy, as I hire a taxi driver for the whole day to bring my family to the Great Wall and the Ming Tomb.

Walking around Beijin is quick easy if you stay in Wang Fu Jin road.

With regards.
Beijing, China
Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. It is not only the nation's political center, but also its cultural, scientific and educational heart as well as a key transportation hub. Beijing has served as a capital of the country for more than 800 years. The city has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, including the Forbidden City - the largest and best-preserved ancient architectural complex in the world; the Temple of Heaven--where Ming and Qing emperors performed solemn rituals for bountiful harvests; the Summer Palace--the emperors' magnificent garden retreat; the Ming tombs--the stately and majestic mausoleums of 13 Ming Dynasty emperors; and the world-renowned and genuinely inspiring Badaling section of the Great Wall. Large-scale construction has brought great changes to Beijing since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 that adds more and more new attractions to the mysterious old city.

The climate in Beijing is of the continental type, with cold and dry winters, due to the Siberian air masses that move southward across the Mongolian Plateau. The summers are hot owing to warm and humid monsoon winds from the southeast bringing Beijing most of its annual precipitation. January is the coldest month and July is the warmest. Winter usually begins towards the end of October. The summer months, June to August, are wet and hot with about 40% of the annual precipitation.
Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world throng to Shanghai to see for themselves its great economic impulse, distinctive attractions and to savor its blend of Eastern and Western cultures. In the eyes of westerners, Shanghai has special oriental charm; while in the eyes of Chinese, Shanghai has a fresh western style. The old say that Shanghai is modern and fashionable, while the young say that Shanghai is old and reminiscent. Wherever you come from and whoever you are, you will find Shanghai an ideal tour destination.
Shanghai has many attractions in the downtown area, including Huangpu River, the Bund, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden, Xin Tian Di and the special old streets and lanes. Besides, there are places well worth a visit in the suburbs such as Qibao Ancient Town, Zhujajiao Water Town and Chongming Island for in addition to its modern facets, the city has a wealth of more ancient Chinese traditions. Dining will be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your Shanghai trip. In addition to Shanghai dishes, restaurants in the city offer a wide variety of foods from other parts of China as well as a number of foreign countries.
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