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Anyone use MySQL Administrator 1.1.2?

I recently downloaded MySQL Administrator 1.1.2 and I was wondering if it is compatible with my database. I believed that it would be because it has the same Icon that MySQL has in the cPanel. When I click to start I get a connection box thats asks:

Stored Host: ; Server Host: ; Port: ; Username: ; Password:

This isn't necessary because the database and forum are up and running at 100% but would be nice to know if this program is usable to cange some database settings everynow and then.

Maybe someone who has, had, and / or know how to use this might point me in the right direction of the correct answers to get this going.
Administrator can change table attributes, Database settings and users, backups etc. It cannot change table contents eg. rows...

For the connection box, if you haven't touched any of these settings, is

Stored Connection: <leave it blank>
Server host: localhost <most servers>
Port: 3306
Username: root
Password: <leave it blank>

To edit table contents, use MySQL Query Browser

If you want to change tables in your frihosting account, i'm doubtful about it, i think no. Use PHPMyAdmin instead.
I think I tried it before cant remember that the one downloaded from
mysql?.. Very Happy
The current version for MySQL Admin is 1.1.21.
Wow they upgraded already! Well my little connect window clearly says 1.1.2 ... maybe this is a problem? Oh well... guess it's a lost cause anyway.
Yep, you'll have a better chance with phpMyadmin. I dont recommend messing about with MySQL tables and permissions though. It's quite easy to ^%&$$ them up beyond recognition. I'm sure bondings has better things to do than fix corrupt databases.

I have used both though and have found MySQL admin better for LAN activities and phpMyAdmin better for remote, web administration of mysql.

I actually prefere mysql administrator, because at home I feel more comfortable clicking an icon and gaining instant access to my databases. At other places I usually use phpmyadmin since it doesn't require software installation. For faster database editing on your own computer use mysql administrator. It works a little faster than phpmyadmin.
I'd love to give mySQL administrator a shot but I cant seem to get past the connect window.
If the mqsql that you are connecting to is on another computer use the following form:

Stored Connection: <name of website. ex: do not use http:// or subdomains or directories with the domain name)>
Server host: localhost
Port: 3306
Username: <your username(most of the time the one you used to register)>
Password: <your password(most of the time the one you used to register)>
MySQL error Number 2003
Can't connect to MySQL server on 'Localhost'(10061)

ecch.. Good news ... Different error message
Bad news ... Different error message

again its probably wrong choice of password and username.
10061 error is probably because your MySQL server is not running...
yjwong wrote:
10061 error is probably because your MySQL server is not running...

I'm starting to think im climbing up the wrong tree. I want to connect to a SQL database that is hosted here by frihost. I'm pretty lost. I'm willing to give up a couple of my fri-bucks for someone to help me.
if you want to connect to a server outside of your system... the server is'nt localhost but http:// and then the server path. You can get this info if you contact your hosting provider...
I checked again and I don't think you can use MySQL-administrator on a SQL-Server that you don't own, you need root privileges to do something even if you only want to look at some graphs... sorry for the bad news... Confused Laughing
Kinda what I figured, thank you for looking it up for me, the cPanel does everything I need, I guess I was just trying to get too fancy.
Well.. I had a problem when I used the old version of the Administrator with that of the new version of MySQL database..

Are you sure you have both new versions?I prefer, you use PHPMyAdmin.. much better.. Wink
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