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COD Modernwarfare 2 release....

I will get my disc monday evening at 23:59 CET..
I can't wait to have it... I just hope that my box wont die on me...

it broke down on me almost a year ago, and I haven't played for a few months now.
f**** if it does break down , I'll get a new one, have the broken one repaired and modded

who else has the game preordered?
I didn't pre-order it and i should have! I loved the first modern warfare, I hope I will be able to get a copy on release day! Sad

I'm so excited about this game, haven't been excited about a game in a long time too.
I would have definitely gotten it, except I'm a PC gamer, and IW and Activision screwed us over by removing dedicated servers, any chance at custom content, the developer console, and increasing the price purely for profit.
I got the Game.

I waited for like an hour and a half at the store, but it was worth it.

unlike HALO 3 back in the day, it was even better then what I hoped for.

the maps, the custom killstreaks, the airraids, the perks and challenges are everything you wanted to see improved in Modern warfare 1.

Infinityward Rocks
From what I've heard it's 5 hours of single player and knackered multiplayer. Less than what I'd expect from an expansion pack in other words. I'll be getting Borderlands instead, methinks.
Hi, i'm new here, saw this thread an wanted to add my opinion.

I'm pretty sure everbody agree's that the SP mode was short but intense. However this is not the main part of the game. We all know call of duty 4 is played masiveley online! It will not be any different with this game. Dispite the fact that there are no dedicated servers and the number of players is limited, I think this game is worth the money
i heard that it was a midnight release as well, meaning that they were open for sale in stores on midnight. THat's pretty weird seeing people line up at stores during midnight to get a copy of the game. I'm just going to try the game out in the netcaf near our school.
I played it on an internet café some days ago. Think it was nice, but needs to be played for a while to get into it. Since it's a lot different from cs and such with alot camoflague and stuff that I'm not used to, but indeed it was fun.
I wouldn't have tried it but having played all the previous CoD's and being dissappointed only with MW1, I tried it. Pretty much a waste of time, the campaign is just like a list of missions with little to no connection between them, special operations missions just some non-fun chores and the multiplayer is just the same thing as MW1. It's sad we can't see the CoD series go back to the style of CoD, CoD:UO and CoD2. The singleplayer in those games was perfect and the multiplayer outstanding.
weableandbob wrote:
I would have definitely gotten it, except I'm a PC gamer, and IW and Activision screwed us over by removing dedicated servers, any chance at custom content, the developer console, and increasing the price purely for profit.

I was going to grab it when it came out but i heard about exactly this which kind of deterred me from purchasing it, but how was single player game play still as good as modern warfare? I might still grab it just for single player if its any good as the first.
I just definitely wasn't interested enough from everything i heard and read to pre-order it
I played modern warfare 2, and it was pretty sweet. It was intense, and the graphics were good. I played it with a friend who owns it for PS3. Even though I liked it, I wouldn't buy it unless the price considerably dropped. I play my games on PC, and because of the differences between MW and MW2, it feels more like a console game.

I love the first MW though, if I had time more, I would play it religiously.
I've got it. Great game although the campaign is quite short.

The real fun, however, lies within the multiplayer component which is surprisingly deep. That being said, it would be nice to have dedicated server support for us on PC. Wink
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