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The complete tsundere debate

I have a question. Recently, on Lucky Stars "Lucky Channel", I saw a debate about the origins of the characteristics of tsundere characters. For those of you who don't know, tsundere characters are characters who are bossy and aloof on the outside, while secretly innocent and lovestruck. The word comes from two japanese words. TsunTsun, and DereDere. I've posted the whole quotes that I think are relevant from the lucky channel show. Please care to show your thoughts.

"First, do we comprehend the true meaning of the qualities of a tsundere? No, unfortunately, the word tsundere has suffered misuse and decay, and one could say that the definition has evolved. To begin with, the word tsundere was born in the year 2002, an internet term, but the original definition was a character who starts of hostile, and eventually becomes affectionate. In other words, it was supposed to describe a change over time. And now, it is used to describe the multiple faces of a character. Hostile on the outside, and affectionate on the inside, would be how the word is currently understood. I declare here, this is plainly a mistake! We must bring back the true meaning of tsundere and restore this depraved nation! Rise up, citizens!"

Yeah, I know that it gets pretty heated in there, but anyway please share your thoughts about what you think about the true meaning of tsundere characters, and whether you agree with the definition which we now use, or whether you think we should bring back the old, traditional values of tsundere-ness. My thoughts? I personally think that the old definition of tsundere is better, and should be reborn.
If you know Eri Sawachika from School Rumble, She's the very definition of Tsundere!!!
asuka langley from N.G Evangelion is the orginal tsundere character.

I do feel theres too much of this character type now though. It seems after haruhi, every shows needs to throw in a tsundere no matter what.
I think this might be appropriate Mr. Green
I dunno. Throughout the progression of a series, I thought that most tsunderes gradually warm up. Isn't that still kind of the same definition? (A change over time).

I agree
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