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I'm itching for an acrylic clear case

I don't know why but lately all type of cases from aluminum, steel, .. plastic just not appealing to me
so now I have the itch to build a system using acrylic

this one looks like a good choice

but with that I need to choose my hardware carefully as they need to be a bit appealing from power supply choice, to my optical drive.... unless I spray paint them before adding them up hmmm

any thoughts?
Looks fun, though for that price, I'd normally expect a power supply included (and no assembly required). Acrylic costs more than sheet metal though.

It's actually easy to work with, if you want to modify it any. The trick is to cut/drill it by heat not mechanical stress. Stressing it can crack it and ruin the whole thing. If you need to drill a hole, run the drill in reverse, and slowly melt a hole through. If you need to cut, use masonry or metal grinding blades. You can even bend it, if you have a way to apply the right amount of heat in a thin, straight strip along it.

Definitely spray-paint internal components! Take care to do a good job of it, and it'll be pretty awesome. You'll have people wondering where in the world you found a metallic green hard drive. For best quality, try using the large-area auto body touch-up systems. They'll be expensive, but you don't need much, and they're very well suited to putting high-quality finishes on metal parts. You can take another cue from auto-painters by covering up surfaces you don't want to paint with (anti-static!) plastic sheets. That way, you can paint that hard drive/whatever without worrying about what painting over the circuit boards might do.
For lighting, you might try something more subtle, that would only work with acrylic. You might shine lights into the feet or edges of the case, to make the light travel lengthwise through the acrylic, making for a cool effect of light coming from the case itself, not from any visible source. If you combine that with etching the surface of the acrylic, the etchings should glow, again with no visible source.
It's looks pretty awesome, certainly something different. I might be a little worried about durability with scratching and cracking, but if you're wanting to customize the case I think that makes up for durability concerns.
I ran one of these a few years back. They are pretty nice looking if you are careful. The case is not very solid though. I was taking it to Lans 2-3 times a month and after not too long the motherboard started coming loose and then off, and then some of the case brackets broke. If you don't move it much or work on it often it can handle that. Some warnings, Finger prints show up big time and even more if you use lights. The plastic can get hazy with the wrong cleaners or if you just are very careful when wiping it down. The screws suck, I had a bunch that the screw would bind off way in then snap. So I ended up drilling some of the threads and buying real screws from the hardware store.

Dust loves this plastic, and it all shows, so even in a low dust involvement you need to clean the case or blow it out if you want it to look half-way presentable. Below are some of the pictures of my old system to give you an idea of what it might look for you. Personally the way to go is Danger Den cases, bit more money, but they are super nice, and much higher quality than the cheap newegg-sunbeam.

This is my rig 4 years ago.

The spray painting is a cool idea Razz Perhaps get some Automotive spray paint, so it's a bit shinier and resists scratching.

I saw an Acrylic build at Fry's. I was in aww.
DO NOT go acrylic... I used the same case in the pictures above and it was a PoS.

It scratched up so easily, the little metal stobs that hold the screws in the plastic come out all the time, when it gets so much as 1 peice of dust on it starts to look like doodey. It's not very solid at all.

I used it for 2 years, I ended up going with the antec 900 now. I'm much more pleased.
I would only use an acrylic case for:
1) A showcase computer that would not be ran very much (or touched).
2) For a client that wanted an acrylic case in spite of everything I told them.
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