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Case review: Thermaltake V9

Hey all,

I had to replace my crap OEM midi tower case as it was running barely cool enough with the side off, no front fan, and filling up with dust.

So I did a small amount of research and found the Thermaltake V9 case. I found a local supplier with one available, one of the ones with a window.

The case I got has a single 23cm fan on the top, a 12cm 'turbo' fan on the front and a 12cm fan on the rear. The 12cm fans can be replaced with optional 14cm fans, and you can also get an optional fan which mounts below the CPU part of the motherboard to get more cooling going on there.

Anyway, the case has room for 4x 5.25" drive bays, 5x internal 3.5" bays and 2x external 3.5" bays. This means I was finally able to mount my floppy drive correctly instead of hanging it out the side, as I'm running 3 hard drives at the moment.

The tool-less mounting for the drives seems sturdy enough, it holds the drives in place which is obviously the most important thing but I would say that if you transport the computer it would be prudent to make sure everything is still in place afterwards.

Don't bother using the tool-less components for the card slots, it only takes three screws to remove it. It doesn't hold cards in sturdily enough for my liking, but the screw holds are threaded so you can use the standard case screws to hold your cards in.

It has 7 slots, by the way.

The case also has the PSU mounted at the bottom, rather than the top, and this has certainly made life a lot easier for me!

The only problem I had with this was the fact that my Thermaltake 430w PSU had the ATX Power cords barely long enough to reach their connections on the motherboard. I had to undo the bottom two screws on the PSU to allow it to turn slightly to get enough length. This won't be a problem with all motherboards or PSU depending on the location of the motherboard's power connections.

I'm fairly sure most high end PSUs have longer cords anyway.

Started the machine up when I was done (everything worked straight up first go, I was very pleased about that!). The computer is running significantly cooler now, which is probably mostly due to the 23cm fan in the top, as heat tends to rise it would be more likely to be drawn out that way IMO.

Unfortunately, the weather has been quite cool the last few days unlike last Tuesday when it was 36" C, so I don't know how well it holds up in hot weather, but judging by what I'm seeing so far it's going to be just fine Smile.

It's probably the best cheap case on the market, although I will say that the steel is a bit flimsier than that of an OEM case.
I have the antec 900 which the TT V9 was modeled off off. It is a great case, with the best airflow I have ever had in a case.
I think the antec 900 2 is the best case ive seen and next is the 900 itself
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