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Looking for a book to read

Well, I'm on the road a lot lately, and have hours of free time while in a bus almost every day - perfect time for a book.

I'm looking for something similar to Lovecraft's stories, psychological horror etc...
I'm not sure if there are books which can give you the same feeling like Lovecraft's work, but there must be something close to it.

Post your recommendations Smile
Helios - Not sure if this is something you would be interested but they are very easy thriller spy novels by Vince Flynn. I've enjoyed them when I'm travelling because they require very little thought and just a good way to pass the time.

Happy reading!
I'm familiar with the genre, and I don't think that's what I'm looking for.
Thanks though! Smile
Even tough he didn't write books, Edgar Allan Poe really has some great psychological horror aspect to his writing. I really enjoyed reading The Premature Burial, The Fall of The Usher House, The Masque of The Red Death and others that are too short to mention.
why read something similar to lovecraft? try diversifying, my fave author is dan brown, the writing is not very good i must admit, very low standard, but the story, extremely thrilling, a total adventure, need to get his latest book, but im broke =(
Well because I'd like to read that Razz
I read three books by Dan Brown. He's cool but I'm in the mood for some horrid psychological story of unimaginable beings and non-euclidean geometry Razz
I just finished reading a book called "20th Century Ghosts" by Joe Hill. THis was a collection of short stories that were mostly supernatural in nature, although few of them were actually ghost stories. I guess you could classify them in the modern "fantasy/horror" genre, although they were far from being horror or fantasy. But they were all fantastic. I could not put this book down. I don't even normally enjoy short stories very much--they're very hard to write well. Needless to say, I recommend it very highly. I haven't read Lovecraft so I don't know how this compares.

I hear that Mr. Hill has written another book--more well known than this one--called Heart-shaped Box, which is apparently about a man who buys a ghost on the Internet. After reading 20th Century Ghosts, I must have this.
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