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Finally, Paid Links Affect My Google Rankings!!!


Recently I began noticed that my sites raking were dropped so much. After try searching to find out the reason why, I've found that one webmaster reported his problems in Google's webmaster discussion forum that "Today I found that my entire site has dropped out of site in search results. I have a site that received over 2,000 search visits per day and today that has stopped."

I also found the report said that Google don't like paid links and also has an official form that enables for webmasters to report paid links to them. "Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google's webmaster guidelines and can negatively impact a site's ranking in search results."

I guess that the problem is many of my sites also have many paid links to them too. Do paid links really affect my Google rankings? Can I finally fall in trouble with Google due to my paid links? If so, how can I solve this problem as fast as possible?

Appreciate and thanks in advance.


is your domain a new one? if yes and you've done extremely aggressive seo works on it or get tons of backlinks per day, your site is probably sand-boxed aka google prison. did you lose all the indexed pages too in google? If yes, your site is banned! If you site situation doesn't apply to anything said above, yes, maybe your site is penalized by google by only google know the reasons. You can only guess. cos in my knowledge, there is no one in this webmasters world didn't or haven't tried buying to their websites, to be honest. NO ONE. So, if google really know how to spot paid links that much, the whole IM world would crash. Not only your site. There is another possibility, is that, maybe one of your competitors just get so furious that you outrank her, and get revenge by reporting your site to google and do it smartly, get all the evidence and stuff to make her case. anyway, hope you would somehow figure out why and get back in the game as soon as possible. the best of luck!
I just found the reason why, it's not about paid links but my site was indicated as "blog spam" by Google. Crying or Very sad

In fact my site is an online store and I not intend or attempt to increase SE ranking by place many and many of my products links on advertising blogs and forums but only want to promote them through those ads. blogs and ads. forums including some classified ads. sites but Google look at it as blog spam, ohhh... LET IT BE!

I still MUST promote them continually because I've been getting more and more quality traffic from those ads. sites than Google!!! Evil or Very Mad
Why Google took them as blog spam ? I wonder this happens to all those who commenting on bloy posts daily to get traffic back links.
dude_xyx wrote:
Why Google took them as blog spam ? I wonder this happens to all those who commenting on bloy posts daily to get traffic back links.

I don't know why? but they told me like that, may be because I used same contents and same back links to my site and posted them to many ads. forums and ads. classified sites and also to many social networking sites, but I never comment any thing to any blog like that, at all. Confused
how do u get 200visitors a day? and what is wrong with my website and
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