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If you'd have to live in one city for the rest of your life-

Well the heading speaks for itself.. where would you live if you would be 'trapped' in any one city of the world.. you can also name a village or small town, but be specific...

Life would go on as the same, but the only twist is that you cant leave the city no matter what...

So, where would you live?
I personally would prefer any hill station, or maybe some city where it snows, as i dont really get to see that much and I really want to experience it again...(I havr brrn to england once)..
If I'm trapped in a city, I hope that it's a huge one! I love big cities.

New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Pekin, Tokyo, London, etc...
San Diego, CA or Albuquerque, NM. Probably preferably Albuquerque as it feels as though I have more space around me than in San Diego and cost of living would also be lower. I like warm weather, lots of space around me and the sunsets are quite something in New Mexico. Albuquerque is close to some great parks, lots of outdoor fresh air in year round sunny weather.
Trapped in a city? I require lots of space and freedom of movement. I'd leave or die trying.

As long as I can have horses and be left alone, I'll stay in one place, but if I can't, I'll do whatever it takes to get that.
Vegas without a doubt
SimCity. Very Happy
Would be Prague for me, have many good memories there.
I would probably go with a city that is hours away from any large town but it would have a grocery store and so I could survive. I would want to live in a large lot with a lot of acres and a couple of horses as well.

I guess I wouldn't need a car so it would be more like the good old days like "Little House on the Prairie".

That would be fun, or is it just me that can't leave the city? Very Happy
Paris or Amsterdam. Smile (I speak the languages Razz )

speeDemon wrote:
I personally would prefer any hill station, or maybe some city where it snows, as i dont really get to see that much and I really want to experience it again...

I think you would get tired of all the snow, eventually. I live in a city where it snows, in the northern parts of Norway.

It is a hard question, but I don't think I would leave Norway, so then it would have to be the city I live in, or one of the other "big" cities in Norway, like Oslo or Trondheim Razz
well i would like to stay in my own city, because first of all i love it n it is a shoppers paradise
sana618 wrote:
it is a shoppers paradise

That's kinda sad... commercialism at its worst.
adri wrote:
Paris or Amsterdam. Smile (I speak the languages Razz )


Well Paris is very different from Amsterdam. But it's really hard to make a choice here. Maybe 50-50 Smile
I will choose a nature laden hill station rather then a dust bowled city!, Nature is so real, gosh I love GOD for all those lovely sceneries, I would love any hill station be it manali, mussoorie or darjling.
I'd live in quebec city!
I've been living here for 18 years and I love this city!!

There's not too much people (about 600 000 persons) but there's enough people to have access to all kind of services! (bus, there are malls almost everywhere etc)
The cost to live here isn't so high (but it's been raising for the last couple of years now)
And it's beautiful! Cool
I'd stay right where I am San Fernando, Trinidad (nothing like home to me) Embarassed Embarassed
Tokyo the heart of technology Smile
Is this a reality question?

My currently home is the best place for me, so warmly, I love here and have no reason to move. Wink
Well, first I like to travel more across town and cities and it would be difficult if I were trapped in one town or city.

Anyway, I would prefer a city with historical memories like Roma (Italy), Alexandaria (Egypt) and Berlin (Germany).

Since there are interesting places to visit, cinemas to go, TVs to watch, internet to connect to the world, phones to call friends and malls to shop, it doesn't matter if you are locked in a town for life.
I would live in Melbourne if i could only live in 1 city for the rest of my life

It has everything, Museums, Awesome Resteraunts, etc etc

But it is also the sporting capital of the world!

Best city in the world, and some times i wish i was living back there (living in a small town about 5 hours away at the moment)
I would say either Toronto, New York, or Melbourne. It's gotta be a big city, and hopefully one where awesome concerts go. I would probably say New York provided I have health insurance and that all the burrows are given to me. That would give me the most geographic space.
Perth, Australia. Simply because I'm already living in it, have no particular problems with it, and thus wouldn't have to adjust to any new locales. ... Although if I was to be literally trapped, I'd probably take the time to find a smaller town even more in the middle of nowhere to give me a better chance of survival when nuclear war breaks out. Just saying.

Arty wrote:
SimCity. Very Happy

Win. Laughing
sydney, so many different cultures and people, as well as that the unboringness of complete peace
I would prefer to live within the distance of 15 min walk to the work, it was convenient and you don't depend on traffic Laughing
Not across highway, naturally, and not in industrial zone.
Nice old green educational district and museums are good - was there, done that.

Being from (and forever in) snowy climate, I can assure you that subtropical climate, that do not require heating or cooling, should be much better.

- No expenses on heating (!),
- No inhaling products of burning (no ventilation is perfect),
- Paying for chimney cleaning and checking before season if your heating system is ready for a next season,
- Living like on a bomb (furnace and water heater are under living rooms, in case of fire all will burn up nicely), constantly care about balance of sufficient air supply for burning, cold outside, and no carbon monoxide and products of burning,
- No noise and wind inside the room from forced air heating (I'm sick of this and have disrupted sleep; and you can't afford to return to a good old water radiators),
- Living without heating at -34C for days during prolonged power failure after bad weather (natural gas heaters were permitted to make with electricity-run ventilator; disruption of of power supply means you can't use nor electrical portable heater, nor main furnace; nice!),
- Snow cleaning you must to do on city property by law (if you have bad back, this is a problem),
- Salt you should use for making adjacent city property sidewalks. Bad as pollution, erosive for buried utility lines, and you, not the city, will be sued if somebody falls and injures itself. Not fair.
- Health problems because of wet and, later, cold weather. Everybody is sneezing and coughing on everybody.
- Cost warm clothes for a winter (you need 3 grades: rain and wind protection for an autumn, medium warm down to -15C, and really winter coat for temperatures below), thermal underwear, 3 grades of shoes/boots, and try to find ones that are not slippery and that are water tight, this is not that easy.
- Place for their storage, for each family member. It's a lot, and residential property is very expensive.

I envy those who only need one pair of shorts, two T-shirts, and one pair of sandals Very Happy
Hard decision...I haven't been to many places to have accurate knowledge of difference places, but I would prefer to live in a large city. The more space I have to move around and the more variety there is the better. Am I the only one in the city? IS everyone else allowed to leave?
Wow, I'm not sure. A year and a half ago, I would have surely said Boston. Now I think maybe I'd say LA, but that sounds crazy. Who would ever want to live in LA for the rest of their life? Still, California has so much to offer--state parks, great weather, outdoor/indoor activities, nice people, palm trees, pine trees.
I love California, and I can't imagine being anywhere else. I would like to live out the rest of my life in San Francisco, where it's a perfect mix of a big city with the dimensions of a small town.
I love California, and I can't imagine being anywhere else. I would like to live out the rest of my life in San Francisco, where it's a perfect mix of a big city with the dimensions of a small town.
canada. just love the country. would stay there forever!
Greatking wrote:
canada. just love the country. would stay there forever!

Canada is a country not a city...the thread asked what CITY would you want to live in forever
Bor, Sweden!! No place like home!

(I find it odd that so many want to live in a large city...why is that?)
I really don't know for me, but anywhere expect Arizona, The most place I would like to visit is Miamia Florida
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