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Thunderbird SMTP

Hi all, hoping you will be able to help me out because this is driving me crazy!

I'm trying to set up Mozilla Thunderbird to send/receive my webmail, now I can receive emails coming in on port 110 but I can't send out any emails (sending on port 80).

I am assuming my router (D-Link DIR-300) is blocking port 80 and not letting any e-mails go out.

Well anyways, I have brought up the D-Link advanced config menu, selected SMTP as application type, which then puts 25~25 into the public port section and then choosing the computer name adds this computers IP address and adds 25~25 into the private port and TCP as the traffic type.

Does this sound about right, should I just change the Thunderbird settings to port 25 rather than port 80? and how safe is adding this as an exception to my router?

Well, thanks in advance
Fire Boar
Who's your email provider? I highly doubt they'd use port 80 for email - that's the standard for web browsing.
I'm trying to set up the webmail from Frihost to run through Thunderbird.

You're right about port 80.....for some reason I had changed it to port 80, but it is on 25 in Thunderbird now and it is still giving me grief.

the error message I get says that "The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections."
If my understanding is not wrong, you will need to add exception (should it be port forwarding) ONLY when you are going to let your PC to RECEIVE traffics to your public IP on the specified port.

If you are setting SMTP server on your computer, what's your SMTP server settings? which port is it listening to?

If you are setting Thunderbird to send mail to other SMTP servers, you should set your Thunderbird's SMTP settings as the server's configurations (which should be explained somewhere on the mail server website, for Frihost, it should be mail.[your frihost domain]:25)

And Thunderbird should do NOTHING with webmail, therefore, setting SMTP server to a webmail server is invalid.
Are you sure you're choosing TLS or SSL for the connection method?

And Thunderbird should do NOTHING with webmail, therefore, setting SMTP server to a webmail server is invalid.

Actually, before Hotmail opened up free POP accounts for everybody there was, and still is, a extention called WebMail and it could literally get your mail through the web and put it into Thunderbird. It was quite awesome!
Well I am officially sick of it and have no idea what is going on. I decided I would try and use Outlook Express because I can get the details as a .reg file from directadmin however even these don't seem to work. It is definetely not the firewall as I turned off the the windows firewall and put the offending computer into the demilitarized zone of my router so neither firewall could affect it but I still had trouble. So it looks like for now I am just gunna stick with my good old hotmail account.
Even with the outlook express version I believe you have to modify something in order for it to work.
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