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Le Chevalier D'Eon

any one watch it?
i heard that it is comparable to the Gankousou: counte of monte christo
which is one of my top ten favorite anime of all times
does it compare?
for some reason i do not get the vibe that it does from the way that it is discribed.

I mean the story seems like it should be interesting, The story begins in Paris 1742, when Lia de Beaumont's body is found in a casket that is floating down a river and the only clue regarding her death is the word "Psalms" that seems to be written in blood on the casket. Lia's younger brother then takes it upon himself to investigate his sister's death, along with several other strange disappearances involving many French women.
I guess no one has watched it Sad
so far it is not as good as Gankousou: counte of monte christo. It does pick up in the middle, but it just is not as good. I can recommend Baccano!, though since it is very good and it has multiple storylines from different time periods.
ato784 wrote:
so far it is not as good as Gankousou: counte of monte christo

That's good to know. I really liked Gankousou: counte of monte christo, but it just sounds like it has a similar theme. Haven't been watching very much anime latley, I thought of trying this one out, but i guess not.
Too bad that it is no good right?
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