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Original xBox

I have an original xBox that has been sitting in my basement not getting much attention recently since I got a newer gaming system. Does anyone have any fun ideas of what I can do with it? I doubt I could get much of anything by selling it so I might as well have some fun with it.

If you have any thoughts or even referrals to other websites, that would be great! Thanks for the suggestions.
You can run linux on it:
I've only heard about two things to do with an xbox: run linux on it (I personally see no point in it) or getting a LOT of them and somehow wiring them together to make a sort of supercomputer (I'm pretty sure I heard of some guy doing that).
My friends and I hacked our's, then spray painted them. I'm in the process of adding some LED back lighting to the case Very Happy We can't afford Xbox live, so we don't have to worry about getting or Original xbox's banned Razz

If I upgraded the Hard Drive to 500Gb's or 1Tb (which I'll do soon enough), then I'll be able to save a lot of games to my hard drive, without the need of a disk to play them.

That's currently how we all play Halo 2. We can't all afford it, so we hacked our xbox's and put it on each one. We have a hacked version of halo 2 anyway, with over 100 custom modded maps with cool weapons and different effects and stuff. Makes for a more interesting game than just original halo 2. Which I was starting to get tired of after playing it for 5 years..

I still have yet to afford a 360. But even then, Microsoft is stupid, and I can't play all of my Original xbox games on a 360. So I'll keep my Original as a tricked out back up Very Happy

Another cool part of having our original's hacked, we figured out how to play Halo 2 in a LAN game with More than 16 people. The most xbox's we've gotten is 6, so the most player's we've been able to try was 24, but that was the sickest Halo party I've ever been too! Even compared to the very few halo 3 parties I've been to Very Happy
Thanks for all the advice and the referral to other helpful websites. I'll probably try one of these once I purchase a 360.
Until you have XBMC installed, you're not getting your money's worth.

Better than windows media center, more formats supported, and it just has a damn clean interface. You need that xbox connected to your TV with XBMC on it post-haste.
my friend using it as a file server / media player after popping in 250GB HD well that was back then maybe you can do better than 250GB :p
Auctus wrote:
Until you have XBMC installed, you're not getting your money's worth.

I must agree. XBMC is what made all my 'soft-modding' possible. It's a heck of a lot better than any of the other Xbox Dashboard replacements I've tried.

If you want a newer version though (only For xbox), you'll have to visit It's best that you read up on a few of the previous version though. Newer versions don't support some special things that the old ones do, and the older versions don't have some of the nicer things the newer one's do... If that made sense.
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