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How to fail at job interviews

You know what it's like.

You are well on the way to getting the job as the interview is going well.

You suddenly discover that the job is not what you want so the actual panel of staff interviewing you has failed to make the job attractive enough for you.

Do you immediately come out with 'Sorry I'm no longer interested in the position, good day' and leave the interview without looking back at your previously potential colleagues?

How did you/how will you handle this situation if you know you will not gain by any further dialog?
I will continue the interview in the same way as I would have wished those who interview me would have treated me even if they had thought I am not the right person for the position. If they do ask me straight during the interview whether this is a position I want, then I would be straight about it not being the position for me. If they are not straight with me, I will just continue with the interview, and then leave it up to them to contact me or not contact me. They may feel the same as I do and that would be saving face both ways.
All you have to do is to continue the interview and pretend that everything is ok.

Don't be rude...

If you'll get an offer, just decline it politely.
If you're really brash you can just stand up, say you're not interested, thank them and walk away. This way you don't waste anyone's time. But it could be considered to be impolite. Meh.
chasbeen wrote:

You suddenly discover that the job is not what you want so the actual panel of staff interviewing you has failed to make the job attractive enough for you.

Tell them so (politely). Then, see if they'll negotiate with you to make it more attractive. If they flatly refuse to, then they're the ones rudely ending the interview. If they do make it more attractive, reconsider your refusal of the job. (If they're willing to make concessions to get you hired, you have a really good chance of getting the job.)
I have only been on 2 real interviews in my life and both times I was hired. If I was no longer interested in the position I'd finish the interview and just disregard any callback (I know they'd call Razz )
I was in that position once (kind of). I was interviewing mutiple positions at a company. One interviewer (would have also been my team leader) made the job look boring. I politely passed on working for him directly but offer to assist if needed. Ended up politely turning down 4 different positions with that company due to one thing - PAY.
Shocked Forgive me, but are we really talking about how to fail at a job interview???


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