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What do you think of Andre Agassi's confession?

Hi everyone,

I'm very shocked with the news about Agassi.

I'm a very big fan of him and such a confession is certainly surprising. Among tennis players doping is considered such a wrong practice that I find it hard to believe that he's actually ruining he's reputation after such a successful career. I used to be an aspiring tennis player and he was an icon to me and most of the players my age.

What's even more surprising to me is the alternate hypothesis that's being rumored which states that all of this is just meant to generate fuzz around his (soon to be published?) autobiography. That would be even more shocking, I mean, is it worth to wreck your public image?

Some might say no publicity is bad publicity, but I can't help thinking they're wrong, at least when it comes to this particular case.

What do you think?
I'm also a great fan of Andre Agassi as well as his wife Steffi Graf. What I can't understand is why he admitted this as publicly as he did? He has been out of competitive tennis for quite a while. Could it be that someone was blackmailing him, like David Letterman had been when he came out with his admission of infidilities? I find the fact that he did "come out" more damaging to the sport, than the wrongful act on his part, in that obviously everyone is going to wonder how many of the sports players had been as guilty as he has been. It makes a whole sham out of drugs testing.
i think his confession hurts tennis more than it hurts agassi

to think it was so easy for him to get away with it, whos to say its not still happening?
I think the confession is just a way for him to sell more copies of his book. If he truly felt remorse about it, he would have confessed when it mattered -- while he was still in the spotlight.

I liked Agassi as a tennis player, a lot. But now, not so much.
Wasnt much of a fan on Agassi but I do agree... drama sells and he's probably doing this to get people talking about his book and for it to be a best seller. Would have thought he made enough money to not have to do something like this to jeopardize his reputation.
he had retired life was rubbish, Tennis was his high

crystal meth thats quite nasty to start

I heard rumours that his dad was trying to give him speed.

My only thought behin dthis is that some of the fighter pilots in the Iraq war, were ona drug siilar to speed benzidrill, benzadine or osmething like that which is similar

I cant say that any of those would have helped him, they are recreational, you can hardly walk after speed let alone play 5 sets against Sampras
What I find really strange is that he seems to be getting more press for admitting that his famous hair was in fact a wig....

Whilst I remember him for his hair, does that really matter... ?

Surely the fact that he cheated.... and then lied when asked about the cheating to get away with it is a lot more serious.

At the end of the day, I don't really care for tennis.... but it'd be more of a story if it came out that Federer wasn't clean. (and I don't think it will... he just doesn't seem that sort of person...)

Agassi was good, but IMHO I think it is pushing it to call him great...

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