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Hey guys,

I was just wondering if there were any people on this forum who work as cinematographers or are aspiring cinematographers like myself. I've had nearly 4 years of experience working as grip, gaffer, camera operator, and cinematographer on quite a few student film productions, and I am nearing completion of my Bachelor's of Arts in Film & Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Upon graduating, I plan to find work as an intern for a 35mm camera rental house or for a lighting studio like Mole Richardson, and eventually working my way up the ranks to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a Director of Photography for narrative film productions.

Is there anybody out there interested in the same field as me? I'd love to meet some and discuss possible paths that lead to a career in the artistic realm that is cinematography.
At the moment, I'm studying in Computer graphics, Well I know it's not really cinematography but we're learning some aspects of this too.

(Next year we'll have to choose our paths : Cinema or Video Games.)
I think I'm going to go for cinema.
We also have photography class which are really fun!!

I can't wait to work in this domain, the amosphere of working in the computer graphics domain seems to be pretty good. Wink

I hope with the years I'll become higher and higher, and someday maybe become Artistic Director or something like that too!
I'm a performer, so I have many friends in the film industry, though I only do my work in front of the camera. Deepest respect for the skill involved in putting it all together. I only have the most basic of knowledge of angles, sight lines, lighting and sound, and when I see some of the things my friends put together, it really blows my mind.
i'm interested in 35mm cinematography,and interested in making film,do you come to china? then we can do it together?
I met someone is the industry once and made a webpage for him.. what a loser. i'll buy that for a dollar, but anything else? i might have to rethink it, nothing about it chases my fear away that you'd prolly just take the money and run, and then? look what you did with our business. thanks.
I was very interested in Cinematography at one time. I was striving to be an independent filmmaker myself. Problem is, my life went another direction due to marriage, divorce, child, and remarriage. I don't regret my life at all, but I am hoping that maybe I can get back into it some day as a pass time hobby.
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