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Paranormal Activity

Did anyone else freak out, but only for the last like, 10 seconds? I agree, it was really scary, but not for most of the movie. Still, it was a really good way to make a movie, can you imagine the insane profits they're pulling in for such a low budget film? Insane. They're already planning a sequel, I can't help but be not-so-optimistic for it.
I saw the trailer for it, and it certainly looks creepy enough for me not to want to see it. Although it's probably incredibly scary, I bet there will be much more hype than actual bite to the film.
Dean_The_Great wrote:
I saw the trailer for it, and it certainly looks creepy enough for me not to want to see it. Although it's probably incredibly scary, I bet there will be much more hype than actual bite to the film.

Definitely seems hyped up since the only trailers I've seen on TV just rave about how scary it is and only show audience reactions. I have no idea what it's really like but I might end up seeing it some time
I saw the movie, I watched it in my house alone, on my laptop with a nice USB Speaker Hub and my HD Laptop Screen...

I have to say 2 or 3 scenes in the movie were genuily scary, and this movie seems to work people's fear perfectly! It works fear probably better than the majority of scary movies, its not a grussum movie, its the fear of the unknown that works you.

I would have to say its probably the scariest movie I have seen, but then again I was watching it alone in my house, in semi-darkness... So that could have added to the fear.

I would definitely recommend seeing it, and i'm psyched to see a sequel when it comes out.
As of Wednesday, reports Paranormal Activity has grossed more than $65.1 million


So yes, this movie has made insane profits!
I watched it over the weekend and it was definitely creepy. I like this kind of horror, the kind that is more suspense and takes a while to build up (compared to the 'horror' that is all about blood and killing and gruesome acts etc.)

Definitely a good horror movie, and I don't say that about a lot of them...
i am really waiting for the dvd so i can watch it. becuase its not on thethers in mexico.
Looks like the new blair witch project, low budget, lots of hype, even more profit and already talk of a sequel that will probably have a much bigger budget but won't be as good. It looks scary though I must admit, they have some serious crowd reactions on the trailer. Will take a peak at this when it hits the theaters.
I saw it in theatres a couple weeks ago. I generally laugh more than scream at horror movies, and I find the vast majority of them horribly boring (like 1408? ugh. super unmemorable).
Paranormal Activity was actually pretty decent, as far as scary movies go. The home video style worked for me here (but not at all in Blair Witch). However, the ending was kind of retarded... sort of ruined the believability of the rest of it.
For a genuinely great film that happens to be pretty creepy, I'd go with El orfanato.
Source :

SHORT VERSION: “Scariest Movie Ever” is a tall order to fill, but Paranormal Activity is definitely a serious fright flick that will continue to creep you out long after the movie ends.

I totally agree with this, The scariest movie I have ever seen but with the worst ending to a movie ever!

This movie must be well known by now was made with $15,000 and have had an income of more than 80 million within the first month of release.

This is a big hit for a movie.

Do you true horror fans agree with me?
I went and seen it, it was ok i guess not really that spoooky.... Confused
I have yet to see it. I wasn't a big fan of the Blair Witch movies, but from all the hype this movie has been getting I think this is something special.
my friends have seen it but they say its not that good
It's just a really trippy movie where you just go 'What the EFFFF?' Scary only if you watch it by yourself. It's a good movie to watch with friends. Wink
Wow, I had never heard of this...I'd love to see it. I'm so out of touch when it comes to this stuff...
i did get on dvd over here in mexico

its a very good movie
it has a wack ending
just like the blair witch
but me and the wife
got a few scares

its a good scary mnovie
Not so creepy, i think there is other movies much more scary like "The Haunted: A True Story"(1991)
this movie is enough to play with your imagination. I can't say that it's a very scary movie, but nonetheless a great film to watch with your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends.
I've heard a lot about this movie and I'm not too fond of hypes,
got a feeling that this movie will be forgotten in less then 5 years.
I'll watch it when we can rent it on DVD
It was pretty decent, a tad bit better than what I expected but definately not worth it to see it at the cinemas. Some parts were creepy and the ending, kinda expected more but i guese it was the best way for it. I watched the alternative cut version
that movie didn't scare me enough, I couldn't get over the fact that they couldn't get a more attractive girl to play that role
There are trailers out now for Paranormal Activity 2. I wonder how well it will do compared to the first one.
todabeat wrote:
i did get on dvd over here in mexico

its a very good movie
it has a wack ending
just like the blair witch
but me and the wife
got a few scares

its a good scary mnovie

I finally got to see this now too. The ending sucks. It's a totally creepy movie, with a terrible ending. I disagree with you about the Blair Witch Project's ending though--I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

With Paranormal Activity, I felt like the movie was just getting started, we were really getting to the good stuff, and suddenly it was over. I wanted them to FIX THE PROBLEM, get in that demon mediator or a priest or something, but no, they had to...end it where they did. What garbage! Still, I had a great time watching it, by myself. It really freaked me out. Actually, I'm still sleeping with my head under my pillow.
I unfortunately made the mistake of seeing this film in theatres. Definitely a waste of eight bucks. I thought it was really boring but I do know some people that really liked it.
my brother felt the same way. He told me not to see it, in fact, but I don't really listen to him...
You know, if you couldn't sleep cause you were scared, that might have been the point!
Huhh.....Scary ...??

C'mon I wasn't scared a bit...!!
Wasn't a horrible flick...!! Twisted Evil
Paranormal 2 should be interesting, it involves the same house with the lady coming back and haunting a new family. It also includes a baby.
i heard a lot of my friends that this movie was a scary, i borrowed a DVD from my brother and to my surpise, it was would anyone can tell that this is a scary movie?
I think that it's not a true paranormal movie
I think the second one suck! Although they did include some scenes where they used audio to scare you. It didn't creep me out like how the first one did. I think that this movie released for the sole reason of making money. With the reputation that the first one got, for sure people are going to watch the second one.
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