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Help me figure out what type socket my laptop has for FRIH$

Hey guys I just got done spending 30 min. trying to figure out what type of processor socket my laptop has. I want to upgrade to like 1.13gHz like this one here( which is socket 478. But when I search for a processor that I know is for my laptop like this one ( the pin layout is different so it can't be socket 478.

I am offering 5 frih$ (or more if the question is answered well) to the first person to that can correctly find out what socket type my IBM T20 #2647-44u Pentium III 700mhz has and find out if they make a 1gHz or higher processor that will work in it.

Yea I know I could tear it open and look but I am feeling lazy.

Thanks for your help[/url]

hope this helps
Thanks for the help, that is a very nice place to get specs. for just about every type Intel processor. But it doesn't mention anything about what computers it works in. Oh well I decided to tear mine laptop apart and see for myself what socket type I had. Thanks anyway

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