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Thinking of setting up a new Business, need advice

Does anyone know of any Live Chat affiliate programs that I could sign up to, what I mean is Live chat software and/or live chat service where they do the customer service, Im looking to make a review website because these type of sites offer recurring income., as you guys are all business/teky people I thought you would know, I've found one website which is an ideal example its They seem to offer good commission rates, Be great if someone already has a big list of them, Thanks:)
I'm sorry I can't be of any help, but I wanted to wish you luck in your endeavors.
a simple google search might help

personally I use digsby and do all my customer help myself via a widget and instant messenger
I do all my own customer service (usually through e-mail or phone). Nobody knows my product better than me.

What kind of training are you going to provide to whoever you outsource to?
Before you started your buiseness make some studies then. Anyway good luck.
Here's an alternat google search which may help you out more,

I just added "affiliate" to the search query

Best wishes! Starting a new business is a lot of work! Wink
I have not heard of any affiliate programs but I can imagine if you get it of off the ground it could make some money.

Best to find a list of them on Google or other search browser.
Have you had any success with the google query I suggested or any other suggestions of these here? Best wishes! Let us know if we can help you any more.
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I'm not too familiar with live chat support programs that go on your own website.

I'm not sure I'd go with the Live247Support. They don't seem to professional, and they are a fairly new business. I'd say do a Google search and find someone who's more professional and more well-known.

Also, they seem to do the customer service support for you. Are you sure you want to hire employees from that company? Depending on what your business is about, I think it would be better if you had your own employees take care of it, as they would already know more about your business.

Good luck with your business!
Why would you need a live chat support for a review site? That doesn't make sense. This being your first and only post in over a month it sounds like spam.
Should this be spam, whoever did it gets my congratulations on an amazing job well done.

If it's legitimate, my advice is the same as nearly everyone here. Don't let someone else mess up your customer support for you. Only YOU know your service. Only YOU can tell people what it's all about. And only YOU can calm the nerves of an irritated customer who's about to take their business elsewhere.

If a customer gets irritated and feels that a wrong has been done, the only solution to keep a happy customer is to admit that a wrong has been done, and rectify the situation. If the mistake is yours, your outsourced support can't do this for you, or at least, it wouldn't sound very professional. And are you going to give your outsourced support the ability to offer your customers the solutions they want? That in itself is quite risky, because the kind of permissions that empowered support people should have can be easily abused at your expense.

I guess if you're just looking to solve problems and answer common questions, then go for it. But if you seriously want to have long-term serious clients for life, then you need to handle support yourself.
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