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New James Bond Story

Okay here's how this works.

I'll start of the story, and someone adds a little bit each time till we get a kick arse bond film.

But there are rules...

1) Sean Connery is playing bond so it's only stuff he would do
2) Felix Leiter is still alive. He never got eaten by sharks
3) Blofeld (AKA Number 1, head of Spectre) is still alive
4) You must have a good knowledge of Bond to play
5) Q can only appear once, so make it count if you decide to include him
6) Maximum 4 different international locations as this film has a tight budget

Okay, so let me begin.

The story starts out in a dark alley way in Bucharest, Romania. 3 men are walking towards a small lit area. There is a man waiting at a doorway and he checks the 3 men and their ID cards as they go through the doorway into a small corridor then into a large warehouse where hundreds of workers, working on some machinery.
The next part is we see the security guard waiting in the street hears a small noise which sounds like a ballon popping. He looks around, and can't see anything, then he looks up into the sky although it's too late as a pair of boots kick him in the face and knock him out cold. Bond grabs his parachute, and stuffs it into his bag, removing his silenced Walther PPK, and he drags the man's body around a dark corner. He enters the building and creeps into the main warehouse and hides behind a box as the 3 men can be heard talking.
"When will it be ready Dr.?"
"We are having some problems attaching the device to the engine. We have to delay the production date"
"Number 1 will accept no delays Dr! These units will be ready before the Un summit"
"Yes of course (he is sweating), I will see to it personally (he turns to a 4th man standing beside the other 2 men he came in with)... excuse me sir, don't i know you from somewhere?"
"Yes of course, how rude of me, my name is B..."
Bond pulls out his silenced pistol and puts 2 bullets in the doctor's head and then rush's behind a forklift to avoid the sudden gunfire. Bond reaches into his bag and pulls out 2 C4 explosive packs, and attaches them to each prong of the forklift. He then jumps in the cockpit and starts heading towards the center of the factory as bullets are missing him by millimeters. He is aiming for a bunch of gas cylinders in the middle when someone jumps on the backof the lift and tries to strangle Bond. Bond pulls the worker into the cockpit and slams his face into the steering wheel, it breaks and the forklift is heading away from the cylinders and towards his planned exit. Bond sees an overheard lift about to pass him, so he grabs hold leaving the forklift as it speeds towards the door, he fires some cover rounds into 3 soldiers hiding behind machinery and then grabs the lift remote control and hoists himself up to the roof of the factory, where he then manages to swing his way onto an observation platform. Using his watch he cuts a hole in the roof and climbs out onto the roof where he sprints towards another roof top as the bomb goes off. Bond gets blown forward and just manages to prevent himself from falling off the roof. He then climbs down a drain pipe and runs off away from the factory, with the 2 men who entered with the doctor watching on. One of them taking photos

--Cut to intro and musical scene

<note: For one time, I'll allow it. However, I will only accept good submissions with a clear story and decent English longer than a few lines. >
James Bond-007
*cough*Go to my James Bond forum (*cough*
James Bond 007, you are officially a tool.

Thanks for ruining what could have been a good thread
drunkfun wrote:
James Bond 007, you are officially a tool.

Thanks for ruining what could have been a good thread

Yeah, actually this should have been a great thread, just nobody posted a story in here except for you. I was even going to add it in the featured discussions if people liked it. Apparantly they don't. Sad
no bother. people are just lazy these days
I think a great Bond actor would be ... hmmm dont know his name but he was the sniper in Bourne Identity. Great guy. Anyone care to share their fav Bond actor?
Clive Owen
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