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Google Music Service

According to TechCrunch, Google will soon launch a new music service. More details are here...

Personally, I see Google as one company who can actually pull something off that competes with iTunes.

We'll see about the music service when they launch. Smile

I really can't tell - I stayed with Mozilla Firefox after trying out Chrome. So this being a Google product doesn't guarantee that it could make users switch from iTunes or their current music service they prefer.

But thanks for the link on the article, I didn't know about the "music:" keyword on searches before. So this new information for me might come in handy. Very Happy
It's only result of Google Search for preview to listen with LaLa and iLike website.
In fact, Google has its music product in China:
Totally free, but the size of music library is quite limited.
i believe that good is trying to take over the world. Very Happy they pretty much have taken over the cell-phone industry with the android and chrome came out as a browser which wasn't as good as firefox but was still one of the best browsers out there. google came out with an OS which i haven't tried. This isn't even mentioning the other tens of services that google offers such as email and voice. Pure genius google is.
Did you ever see the episode of the Gadget Show (UK) where someone was given tasks using only Google products? Very interesting
Meh, so far the "service" consists of prominently placed links to a preview of the song, and links to buy it. I wonder if they will expand this in the future. Currently iTunes has most of the market though, so they will have a tough time trying to beat apple.
brokenadvice wrote:
Meh, so far the "service" consists of prominently placed links to a preview of the song, and links to buy it. I wonder if they will expand this in the future. Currently iTunes has most of the market though, so they will have a tough time trying to beat apple.

Yeah, if it stays like that I don't think it will go anywhere. If they can make this service integrate with android, I think it will have a lot more pull.
Google is launching everything -- operating system and now music service? wow
It's not really a music service, it's just an added functionality onto their regular searches. It basically makes it so that when you Google something that is related to a song, they will provide a sample of it for you to listen to. There are many sites that do this already, such as Pandora or, but Google just aggregates them all into a much more accessible format. The downside to this service is that they only provide you with one listen of the song, so if you want to hear more, you'll have to go through some other sites, such as the aforementioned or Pandora, though neither of those sites are perfect either.

It's pretty useful though, if you want to see what a song sounds like. It's also completely legal, so no worries about being caught doing some illegal downloading or something. Your second alternative would be just to check YouTube; they would probably have their song on YouTube somewhere.
Ghost Rider103
If Google does launch something similar to iTunes, I would gladly change to whatever Google creates.

iTunes in my opinion comes with loads and loads of unwanted garbage. Even if you tell it to turn off the automatic updates, it seems to go ahead and do the automatic updates anyways. Not to mention all the other software they install when downloading iTunes.

Google seems to be really good about that kind of stuff. They don't install extra software if it isn't needed. Plus their programs aren't annoying with loads of pop-ups. Unlike iTunes.
I agree with GhostRider about ITunes. That application is nothing more than an excuse for Apple and the music industry to bombard you with advertisements and crappy music artists. It always asks for updates and takes forever to load up. The worst is that it rips to the ITunes format (.m4u) or whatever. There are a ton of applications that I can think of that are quicker and let you rip to mp3.

- Windows Media Player
- CDex
...just to name a few.
There is a product about google music in China.But You can not listen if your IP address is not in China.
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