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Help Arty build his first PC!

I've been researching for almost a week on building a custom computer!

I have a parts list, and I want to know if all the parts are compatible with each other. Being a complete n00b, I cannot be 100% sure:

The problem is, I've read some reviews on my motherboard on Newegg that it is very picky about RAM. I don't know if my memory will work with the motherboard, especially the one that I am getting, because a reviewer said that it didn't work with his motherboard.

Tell me what you think of it though, and if you have used my motherboard, tell me what RAM you have that worked with it.
First off, Nice choice in LCD Wink I have the 21.5 in 1080p. Asus is so clear and crisp!! Same with Motherboard. Gigabyte makes some Fine mobo's imho.

Second, In my best guess, this ram will Not work properly with the motherboard you've picked. The Ram speed is DDR3 2000, and the Motherboard states it supports DDR3 2200/1333/1066/800, but not 2000. Interestingly enough, in the RAM Support list, they DO show 2000 speed chips.. So it's unclear.

Safer choice would be to find some DDR3 2200 ram, or DDR3 1333.

ALSO keep in mind, you want to find Ram with maximum voltage of 1.5V(This ram is 1.6V, which could be why it's not in their ram support list), as the Motherboard you've picked comes ready for that maximum. It may or may not be possible to change the voltage settings in your BIOS, but since you don't know the most about computers, it would be less frustrating to just keep 1.5V as your RAM Volt limit

Here's a link to what GIGABYTE has successfully tested and OK'd on this motherboard
Note that other ram chips may also work. The only way to be SURE without testing random chips yourself, is to go by the list.

Hope this helps Wink
If you want to save yourself $15 bucks on your hard drive, you can go with the 16Mb Cahce model

To be honest, you will never notice the difference between the 32Mb and the 16Mb. About the only people who might notice or worry about the difference would be researchers in large data centers. Wink
Whether it was the cache or the thousands of reviews that attracted your eye, As long as it's Western Digital, you'll never go wrong. Just sayin... Wink
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