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Posting in the same thread vs digging up old thread

Hi, I have a question:
What should Frihost forums member do:
1) post all related to the same topic in the same thread (do not start new if the old one exists),
2) do not dig up the old thread (it seems as a contradiction to the first point).

It seems that I unintentionally broke the rule.

Maybe you already answered such question, but I couldn't find it.
Thank you.
That's a tough one, but I think number 1 is correct ignoring the old and outdated. THINK, you'd have to wait for a mod or admin for this one.
It's kind of a grey area. If there's an existing topic on the first page of topics, you should almost always use that. If you have to dig deeper for it, then it warrants consideration before resurrecting the old, dead topic (though sometimes the resurrection is the right thing to do).

It also depends on how closely related your post is to the old topic, how much it contributes to the old topic, and how 'common' the old topic is.

Posting a new question about windows XP as a new topic would be fine, but posting about if it is better than Vista or not would be best kept to a (hypothetical) topic that was already talking about that.
Digging up an old topic just to add 'yeah, that's what I think too' would be bad, but digging up an old topic to add in a comment that changes and revitalizes the discussion is great.
Making a new topic about how to grow cacti, even though one already exists, would be much better than making yet another 'what's your favorite animal' topic.
Crinoid wrote:
It seems that I unintentionally broke the rule.

You revived the thread with no malicious intent.
But what follows, in topics like those, is a flurry of posts with nothing more than generalities.

I'd rather discussions be kept in one thread in case of topics like "which is the best/worst <anything here>".
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