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Bioshock 2

Really looking forward to this release, its rumored or scheduled to be released in February next year. This time around we get to play as Big Daddy and get to use his powers. Especially looking forward to using the drill and also it looks like powers like fire and others we can use for more power and longer durations.

I was watching the trailer on youtube and it seems we play the very first big daddy and we'll have even more moral decisions to make. There is also a Big Sister in the mix of the game that we have to fight against that also wants ATOM.

We also get to venture outside of the buildings into the ocean thanks to our big daddy outfit and fighting the regular demons becomes much easier as well.

check out the trailers on youtube or read up more about it on google, i'm getting my computer ready to be upgraded so i can play this game at a high resolution on my widescreen monitor Very Happy
It does look impressive. But with a completely different development team behind it, only time will tell if it measures up to the first one. The gunplay definitely looks like it's superior to the first game though and in an FPS that's pretty important.
it is a very fun game i think. the whole plot is great. the pictures are out of this world, the xbox makes it seem 10x better than in a magizine
in what ways are the sequel beter than the first???
The frist bioshock was fun but I thought the story was a bit dull. The whole creepy atmosphere was pretty cool though.

The sequel is supposed to have multiplayer which sounds like it could be interesting. Been having lots of fun with Call of Duty 4 multiplayer and now Modern warfare 2 multiplayer, hopefully Bioshock's can pull off something that is fun enough to pull me away from MW2. Hopefully the second one will be more intense than the first.
I think what I really loved with it was the atmosphere, it really took me out of my headspace to somewhere else.

I dont have anyone to play multiplayer so i'll miss out on that part but I really doubt there will be much gameplay improvements than whats already there which is fine for me since i loved the original =)

maybe some more weird drunk zombies in the mix
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