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Heard of Torchlight? (by the makers of Diablo I & II)

It's due out in a week, it runs on an 800mhz PC, and it only costs $20. (LESS if you preorder)

The producers and creators of Diablo I and Diablo II left blizzard to form flagship which went backrupt and then moved on to runic games where they began work on Torchlight, and that excites me terribly.

You get a pet who can fight and carry things for you. The graphics look superb, it's cheap, and it doesn't need a great computer to run.

I can't wait! Very Happy
I haven't heard of it, but I want to check it out now for sure Very Happy
Great share, I gonna check it out too, Very Happy
I actually won a copy in a short story competition. They've released a free level editor.

It's got cartoony warcraft style graphics and that's a huge turnoff for a lot of people, and the plot is paaaaaper-thin, but if you just want to run around and collect loot it's decent.

Here are it's gimmicks:
1. You get a pet; said pet can fight for you as well as carry loot in it's saddlebag things.
2. You can go fishing. When fishing, you can fish up items or magical fish, eating the fish will either cause your pet to turn into a more powerful creature for a predetermined period, or give you extra XP or something.
3. You can send your pet to town to sell loot for you so that you can stay in the dungeon
4. It has guns. Antique matchlocks and stuff, but still, guns.

Of note, it says it runs on an 800mhz PC, and that may be true, but you need a graphics card, meaning integrated graphics are probably not going to do it. I have a 1.6ghz atom netbook with integrated intel graphics and it simply isn't playable.
I was just about to post a new topic on Torchlight until i saw this. I have the game and it is definitely worth playing if you are into isometric 3D RPGs. There are three characters you can choose from and once one character is at max level, you can "retire" him/her too give a bonus to your other characters. It's pretty fun watching your characters' skills in action and overall, it is an awesome game. I haven't got bored of it...yet.
Have never heard of it before. But I'm surely gonna check it out now, and it only get more intresting since I have played Diablo I and Diablo II and the creators of those games have made it'
A brilliant game that I thoroughly recommend to anyone who likes action RPGs like Diablo. The addition of a pet was a nice inclusion in my opinion. Oh and several sites are selling it at half price right now so I'd grab it while you can.
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