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Ubuntu 9.04 [random freezing].

Hi everyone-

I have been using Ubuntu 9.04 for close to 6 months and I'm still have issues with the OS freezing. It freezes up randomly as far as I can tell, during the freeze nothing 'works', the mouse keyboard everything just freezes. The 'freeze' usually last for around 20-30 seconds. I've tried to find a pattern but no luck. I've seen on the Ubuntu forums where people are having a similar problem but I have yet to find a good answer/solution. I install updates on a regular basis. I've monitor my processes but I haven't found anything out of the ordinary. I've stopped certain apps. from running to see if that help but no luck.

Is anyone else using Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) and having this problem? Until I find out what's the issue I really can't confidently switch the rest of my desktops over from Windows without worrying. It also really interferes with my work as well so that's another reason I will not make the switch over to all Ubuntu desktop computers.

Thanks in advance!
No offense, but I'm sure only a few people on these forums know a lot about Ubuntu. I think you'd be better off at the Ubuntu Forums.

My advise? Wait for 9.10 and see if that fixes anything. Or, give the 9.10 beta a try.
Wow, that was a fast response! Thanks for reply.

You are probably right about just waiting for version 9.10, that sounds like the most reasonable approach as this issue has been going on for some time now. From what I've read over at the Ubuntu forums it may be kernel-related but to be honest I wouldn't really know.

Thanks again,
Well, give the 9.10 non-install (run it from CD) a try for a few hours and see if it still freezes. Things are going to be slower, but it's better than installing and realizing that it still happens.
Fire Boar
When it freezes, try pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1. If it works, you'll see a black/white traditional text terminal. Log in there, then type top. See if there's anything there that's locking up your CPU.

Also try dmesg | tail after a freeze to see if there's any odd errors. Each entry has a number by it representing time, most of the early ones are boot diagnostic logs but if you see messages with numbers in the hundreds, that can be something odd happening after bootup/login.

Last thing to try is with the network cable unplugged, or wireless switched off. Does it still hang?

EDIT: I forgot to mention - in terminal mode, you can press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to switch back to the GUI. Smile
Like I said, one of the many few people who know Ubuntu. Wink
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