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AWAY status

Is there a way that one can programme PMs so that when someone is away, that a message would come up automatically that that person is away and won't be looking at messages for X amount of time?

Alternatively if the coding is too much hard work, can people post temporary Avatars that give the message? Such as below perhaps. And then remove it when they're back:
Ghost Rider103
It's probably too much trouble to go through and there wouldn't be much gain for Frihost in my opinion.

If it doesn't happen, I'm sure you're always open to changing your avatar yourself. I've seen a lot of members to something similar. I seen Max had an avatar like that a few days ago. I also see people putting little messages in their signature.

Some have even written blogs about them getting ready to be away for a while.

But it's a good idea, I just don't see it happening.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
But it's a good idea, I just don't see it happening.
Thanks Ghost Rider, you're obviously spot on in this. Besides which there are always a million ways and a greater number than just one person at Frihost that we could contact if we needed to. I noticed Max's avatar as well. That actually motivated me to think about it. I wanted to refer to it, but then noticed it was gone, so had wondered whether I had seen a mirage Laughing
It could technically be done, but I'm half half here. The idea seems good, though. Also, some just put it in their signature. So, it's a good idea just I'm not 100% convinced yet.
You could also use the location in the profile... which most people wouldn't notice probably...
In addition to changing your avatar in your profile, as Diablosblizz pointed out you could also add a line in your sig that states your away for a given time, possibly when your expected back, and that any incoming messages will have to wait till then. Wink

I'm never really away...I was just playing with my avatar
Vrythramax wrote:
I'm never really away...I was just playing with my avatar
You see, people do care when you are away ..... even when you aren't .... Twisted Evil
The only use I could think of this, is if you can't post anything for a large amount of time, so points would decrease slower, so you don't automatically lose you account. If you don't understand what I am saying, It basically means "If your computer broke, you should go onto another person's and say you will be gone for a while, so points won't decrease as fast so you don't lose your account."
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