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Horde Email Problem

When i try 2 log in thru horde email... on cpanel...

it says select language.. so i always leave it on 'English - American' then click log in...

when i click log in.. it jus goes back to the select language page, and not the emails

anyone? thanks
I just tried Horde and the same thing happened for me. So you're not the only one. Wink It could be a configuration problem, or something else wrong.

Just use Neomail for now. I always use Neomail because it's lightweight and fast.
I hope this bug won't bother you too much as I have no idea what to do about it. You can use the two other programs or your own mail client.
yea i need 2 use it really... these are the only means of email i got...

so i cant retreive the last 2 days of emails i received then ? Confused

ok... so how do i set it up so i recieve emails through neomail... i want to be able to receive emails sent to this address:

I have 2 further questions:

1)Why don't you use the two other email programs in cpanel? Like hord and <forgot the name>.

2)You say something about the mail of the last two days. Were you able to use it before those two days?

in reply...

1) Horde is the email service i usually use, however... i am having a problem with that one... i would use the other ones, but it receives emails sent to and not ones sent to like horde used 2...

2) i mean, will i receive emails sent to within the last 2 days... because 3 days ago... i could log into horde fine... no problemo ese
I can't make it to work either. I'll try to see what I can do, but I'm not sure to find a solution.
You mean that you created a new email account called contact[-at-], and you want to check that using NeoMail? No problem!

Just go to and use the same username/password you use to log in to Horde. Then, just click on NeoMail and you're set!

All the email programs on the server are operating off the same email system, so they all get the same email's
daniel15 wrote:
All the email programs on the server are operating off the same email system, so they all get the same email's

Each client will show the same mail. obviously.

As for alternatives, you can -
1. read your mail through a pop3 client (outlook express, foxmail etc.)
2. use a web based pop3 client ( etc)
3. download the file inbox from your mail folder, and read it in notepad. Rolling Eyes
the problem is people...

i dont use a username/password 2 log in to horde or neomail...

so, when i click neomail it automatically checks for email sent to and not for email sent to

wheras i had 2 set up horde to check for and i dont know how to do that in neomail or squirell...

anyway, i tried and entered my email, but i dont have a password for the email.. haha, i tried my frihost pass but that did nothing...

ah, so confusing... daym... thanks 4 the heklp tho
Apparantly there was some corrupted information in the database horde uses. It is now fixed and working.

I also made the port 26 available for exim (mail) and redirected all cpanel/webmail traffic to the secure ssl (https) connection. If a lot of people have problems with accessing cpanel/webmail, I might change it back.
its workin again now Cool thanks
cPanel's config of the webmail applications is HORRIBLE

Please instlall for yourself a DEV build of:
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