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Connecting to a network printer

I am now running Windows 7 evaluation version and it is in a network of 40 computers..!! A HP Laserjet 1022 printer is connected to a system..!! I want to connect it from my system running Windows 7 and directly give printouts through LAN..!!

What is the procedure to do this..?? I know that i need to download the drivers but the system to which the printer is connected runs on Windows XP..?

So what should i do to establish a connection....?
I assume that you've set up printer sharing on the Windows XP computer already?

You should be able to navigate to the Windows XP computer from Explorer on the Windows 7 machine (i.e. \\ComputerName\ in the address bar) and select the printer from the "printers" folder. Assuming it can find a driver will work, then Windows will set the printer up for you.

If it doesn't you'll have to install the driver yourself from the manufacturer. They probably won't do a Windows 7 driver, but a Vista driver is more likely to work than an XP one.
If you do a start-bar search for "Add Printer" and click on the first one there is an option for Windows to check your whole network (where accessible) for a printer. Your computer (being XP) would need to have sharing on in order for the Windows 7 machine to find it.

For example, Windows 7 has found a printer "driver" on my other 7 machine that doesn't have the printer plugged in anymore. Razz
Or Yoy can acces network, find computer with this printer and if You click it, it will add automatickly.
Another way to connect the network printer is the static ip address : for example you have a network domain. in the run command type the ip address of the server printer \\ example then find the printer and rigth clik to connect.
I could not still establish a connection with the printer as it may require the driver software for Windows 7 ..!! I have got only the driver software for XP and vista..!! Even the original HP site gives a download of XP & vista drivers only..!!

I think i would need driver installation for Windows 7 so as to connect to the printer..!!
Installing Vista drives on Windows 7 will probably work, as Vista and 7 are closely related. If it fails and messes up your system, a simple system restore or booting into safe mode and uninstalling the program will work.
Some HP printers share a same printer driver.
So, you may checkout HP website for a simliar driver and download and install it on your Windows 7 system.

Also, did you have a copy of Windows server 2008 server R2 trial out cd-rom here ?
That cd maybe have a driver that works with Windows 7 due to based-on the same core.

If those does't work.
Then you may have to wait until HP release a new driver for Windows 7.

p.s. The automatic installing metohd only work when the system in which the printer was connected had downlevel drivers installed on the system as I know.
Diablosblizz wrote:
Installing Vista drives on Windows 7 will probably work, as Vista and 7 are closely related. If it fails and messes up your system, a simple system restore or booting into safe mode and uninstalling the program will work.

Vista driver didn't work for Windows 7..!! I think i have to wait till HP releases the official Windows 7 drivers..!!
The Printerdriver is the Problem. For x86 you have to wait for an applicapable driver.
but here is a problemsolver for x64 and your problem.

That was also posted from somewhere in the net (i am not the allknowing Marjorie.. at all)

Here's what I did:

Just got the HP LaserJet 1022 working on my wife's Windows 7 x64 machine.
1. Downloaded the Vista x64 driver from HP's website.
2. Right-clicked the file > Properties > Compatibility > select Windows Vista SP 2 as the mode and OK
3. Double-click driver exe to run, accepted the default prompts.
4. Add a printer
5. select Local > Use Existing > USB0001
6. Select the HP 1022 from the list
7. Use the current driver,
8. Next, etc.
9. Profit
! Very Happy
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